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A brief snippet from the 28th August meeting! Part I

What happens when one knows, or attempts to know the good and bad about oneself? What happens when one strives to reach out to others with the repository of good qualities that one possesses?

It helps in the process of self-evaluation and introspection. In today’s challenging environment where the world is moving faster than you think, it is essential to know ‘oneself before taking the plunge to discover new innate qualities in others, leading to the phase of enhancing relationships which is a constant scenario.

This was exactly what happened at the very start of the meeting/workshop conducted by Voice Vision on the 28th of August 2010. Mrs. Asha Bhatia who conducted a workshop encapsulating the professional and social soft skills, started off with taking people’s introductions by asking them to point out their ‘one’ good quality. Many people pointed out their qualities of strength like “emotional understanding”, “easy social interaction”, “patience” etc. However, the exercise proved to be difficult for some as they had so many qualities to speak of, that it was difficult to select one amongst them. The vitality of this exercise can be felt in not only knowing one’s strengths which could come handy during professional interviews, but also a different way of breaking the ice during sessions and conversations.

Stay tuned to this space, post your comments & queries until next week to know more from this enlightening meet. Some tips. Some tricks. Some knowledge. Some wisdom. Till then “ponder and practice.”

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