Visually impaired handling a person at the time of heart attack!

After my final exams, I went to my bachelor uncle’s house in Chennai for few days. He’s a very fun loving person and enjoys eating. He stays alone and have little acidity and indigestion problem. One night all of a sudden, I heard some noise of difficult breathing, as I am a visually impaired, I followed the voice and found uncle is having tremendous breathing problem and was perspiring too much.    ...    Read more »


Letter by DGCA to CEO's of all airlines.

Great news!

Following the case where a visually impaired passenger was denied boarding by a reputed airline, the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued a circular dated 13th June 2011.    ...    Read more »

Weekly snippet of our 28th August meeting Part IV

Well, after understanding the importance of one's strengths, learning the art of communicating, and observing the right manners and postures while interacting with others, the August session then focused on the art of building a network using the very same qualities.    ...    Read more »

Weekly snippet of our 28th August meeting! Part III

After understanding the vitality of ‘communication’ and the criticality of the same in major ‘deal makers’ and ‘deal breakers’, the Voice Vision’s Meeting of August 28th took on the support systems.

    ...    Read more »

Weekly snippet of our 28th August meeting! Part II

It is often said “The message is communicated effectively, not when one communicates it, but when it’s understood by the recipient in the intended manner.” Demonstrating the above statement, Ms. Asha Bhatia conducted a small activity in the meeting held on the 28th of August as a part of Voice Vision’s monthly get-togethers.    ...    Read more »

A brief snippet from the 28th August meeting! Part I

What happens when one knows, or attempts to know the good and bad about oneself? What happens when one strives to reach out to others with the repository of good qualities that one possesses?    ...    Read more »

Summary of Voice Vision's 24th July 2010 session.

The topic for the session conducted on 24th July 2010, was Professional Soft Skills and was conducted by Mr. Rajesh Mehta, Career Development program manager Growth Markets - HR IST Learning, IBM Global Services India pvt ltd.    ...    Read more »

Expertise Corner

Dear all!
Voice Vision brings to you a new section known as the “Expertise Corner”!
In this section, from time to time we will feature an expert from a particular field, to whom you can put forward the queries and doubts related to the chosen subject, and have the expert answering them for you.     ...    Read more »

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