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Lets create a world where blindness is not a handicap, but a mere inconvenience

What comes to mind when you see someone blind? Someone tap-tapping with the trademark cane on the road, waiting to be helped across the street, or someone

Voice Vision is the recipient of the National Award for best accessible website 2011!

Voice Vision has been felicitated with the National Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, 2011 for the best accessible website (Private/ Nongovernmental organisations) by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment (Disability Division)!

Accessibility was the top criteria while designing this website and we're glad our efforts have been recognized.    ...    Read more »

Sushmeetha, receiving the National Award from Shri. Mukul Wasnik

Letter by DGCA to CEO's of all airlines.

Great news!

Following the case where a visually impaired passenger was denied boarding by a reputed airline, the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued a circular dated 13th June 2011.    ...    Read more »

Summary of Voice Vision's 24th July 2010 session.

The topic for the session conducted on 24th July 2010, was Professional Soft Skills and was conducted by Mr. Rajesh Mehta, Career Development program manager Growth Markets - HR IST Learning, IBM Global Services India pvt ltd.    ...    Read more »

Expertise Corner

Dear all!
Voice Vision brings to you a new section known as the “Expertise Corner”!
In this section, from time to time we will feature an expert from a particular field, to whom you can put forward the queries and doubts related to the chosen subject, and have the expert answering them for you.     ...    Read more »

How does a VI issue cheques independently?

On behalf of Alex Mendonca

i am facing problem of writing cheque .Signing is not problem in my case but to write the amount and the name to whom the cheque is issued i have to depend on others and this can prove dangerous some day.What should i do is there any answer to this.or is there any
provision in the printer to print the cheques Also mail to me what is this signature guide.

Soft skills the most important thing in molding an individual!

Learning soft skills is a natural phenomena for any individual. A sighted person just copies what others do.
However, what about an visually impaired person?
How do they get these very essential skills instilled in them, unless someone shows them personally?
Our 26th June session covers this very point.
Come join us and learn the importance of these skills!

Come join us at our website launch!

Hey guys! Voice Vision welcomes you all to come join us at r website launch on 11th April 2010 at NAB, Worli seaface at 11:00 am. Come have a look at what we have to offer! Hope to see u there!

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