Defend Yourself: workshop by Voice Vision

24 Jun 2012

Voice Vision organized a specially designed “Self Defense” workshop for the visually challenged individuals under the leadership & guidance of the chief instructor a Martial art expert Mr Pawan Sharma, Director Securities of a well-known 5Star hotel and his team, on Sunday, 24th June 2012, at H.K Institute of Management studies, Oshiwara, Mumbai from 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM.    ...    Read more »

The First-Aiders: Helping Yourself & Others Workshop & 12th Anniversary celebration!

15 Apr 2012

Voice Vision in association with the Lifesupporters Institute of health sciences (LIHS), a recognized International training center of the American Heart Association, organized a one of its kind workshop on first-aid and self safety specially designed for the visually impaired on Sunday, April 15, 2012 at H. K. Institute of Management studies, Jogeshwari.    ...    Read more »

Self Defense: Be Alert & Be Aware!

28 Jan 2012

On Saturday 28th January 2012, Voice Vision conducted an interactive session on “Self Defense”.

Personal safety has become the matter of utmost importance in today’s day and age. Every individual needs to be made aware of the Measures and techniques to handle certain difficult, awkward and at times dangerous situations.    ...    Read more »

Moderators of the session addressing the audience

Experience of Visually Impaired Individuals Using Different Modes of Transport & Sighted Guide Technique

18 Jun 2011

Many a times we find visually impaired individuals apprehensive in using public transport independently. There are innumerable questions and fears in their minds when it comes to moving around without a sighted assistance.    ...    Read more »

Career Workshop & Voice Vision's 11th Anniversary celebrations!

3 Apr 2011

A workshop on unconventional education streams which was being planned for over a month, was molded to perfection on the 3rd of April at the Little Angels High School, Sion. It was a workshop with a difference. Not only it dealt with a different take on education all together, but it catered to a different audience who would never liked to be called that.    ...    Read more »

Financial planning and investments

22 Jan 2011

Voice Vision conducted a session on "Financial Planning and Investments" on Saturday, 22nd January 2011.    ...    Read more »

A session for parents only.

27 Nov 2010

On 27th November 2010 Voice Vision had a meeting exclusively for parents. The meeting was taken off by three members of the Parents Support Group (PSG), Mrs. Parthasarathy, Mrs. Jangam and Mrs. Tolpady. They started off with a recap of the sessions that have been held so far, and explained the works of the PSG.    ...    Read more »

"Hear, from the closest" Experience of parents while bringing up their Vi child,

23 Oct 2010

Every individual, sighted or non-sighted, considers his / her parent to be a pillar in their lives, that provides them with the best foundation which helps them build a good living.     ...    Read more »

Workshop on Soft skills and Networking

28 Aug 2010

On 28th August 2010, Voice Vision conducted a workshop on Soft skills & Networking, where the guest speakers were Mrs. Asha Bhatia, Director Department of rehabilitation (NAB), and Mr. Hari Raghvan, Partner relationship manager (IBM).    ...    Read more »

Soft Skills (Professional)

24 Jul 2010

Every individual, whether sighted or non-sighted, needs to adapt the right behavior & mannerisms when he/she is in a professional environment.
Possession of these skills is what gives them a head start in their careers.     ...    Read more »

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