Soft skills (Individual & social)

26 Jun 2010

It's human tendency to learn mannerisms and behavioral patterns by observing people around. That’s how an individual instills in himself the very important skills of personal etiquettes and hygiene.

However, what does one do if he is unable to see the world around?

Of course, he would be needed to be given personal attention.    ...    Read more »

VoiceVision Ten Year Anniversary Celebration & Website Launch

11 Apr 2010

On April 11th 2010, Voice Vision celebrated its 10th Anniversary along with the launch of the new and interactive website,
The venue was the R. M. Alpaiwala conference hall of the National Asociation for the blind , Worli, Mumbai India.
A total of 75+ members attended the event. The program was compeered by Hetal & Sameer, who managed the show flawlessly.    ...    Read more »

Scribe vs. student: Both sides of the story

23 Jan 2010

"A tool, as vital as any one" Readers and writers have been, and will continue to be an integral part of one's life, when it comes to the vision-under-privileged. The aim of this session was to understand the plight of the scribes as well as that of the students, discuss the problems they face and provide solutions to them. The guests invited were Mrs.    ...    Read more »

Sighted Guide technique

28 Nov 2009

While in an earlier session we tried to encourage the parents and spouses of our students to motivate their visually impaired family member to use the white cane and make themselves independent, this time it was the parents and spouses turn to learn a few things for themselves.    ...    Read more »

Fun Event

31 Oct 2009

On Saturday, 31st October 2009, Voice Vision held a function called “Learn Earn & Have fun!” The objective behind this function was to relax and have fun, and in turn strengthen the bonds among the fa    ...    Read more »

Career planning

26 Sep 2009

At this meeting, Mr. Nagraj More, working as Deputy manager, HR, in BPCL, and his wife Mrs. Vishaka More, working as Assistant General manager, market regulation department, at SEBI, shared their experiences of how they got to the posts they hold today. They discussed the various problems that they faced in their career paths.    ...    Read more »

Legal matters

22 Aug 2009

At this session the Legal issues related with the right to live, or equal opportunity with others, and Counseling the parents with regards to school admissions were touched upon. A solicitor Ms. Kanchan Pamnani was invited to throw some light on these matters.    ...    Read more »

Personal life

25 Jul 2009

The objective of this session was to break the common belief that a visually impaired couple cannot live a successful married life. For this session, a married VI couple, Mr. Joquim Rapose & Mrs. Padma Rapose, who have been happily married for the past 20 odd years or so, were invited to share their experiences with the parents & other married students.    ...    Read more »

Accessible Technology

27 Jun 2009

For this session a trip to XRCVC was organized, where the various accessible technologies available for the VI were showcased. Products like Dolphin pen, Kurzweil software, Talking Typing Teacher, Speaking Spelling, JAWS Hindi, Prisma, Zoom-ex, Victor reader stream, KNFB reader, & Sara scanner were demonstrated. A hands on opportunity was also offered to interested members.    ...    Read more »


24 May 2009

"Walk the Talk". It's very easy for a sighted person to ask his visually impaired counterpart to use a stick for being mobile and self-independent. In this session, we tried turning the tables and giving a lesson or two to the sighted ones on the tips and tricks. This meeting touched upon the importance of mobility for a VI person and using the white cane.    ...    Read more »

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