How does a VI issue cheques independently?

On behalf of Alex Mendonca

i am facing problem of writing cheque .Signing is not problem in my case but to write the amount and the name to whom the cheque is issued i have to depend on others and this can prove dangerous some day.What should i do is there any answer to this.or is there any
provision in the printer to print the cheques Also mail to me what is this signature guide.

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Cheque printing templets

There are cheque printing templets available for various banks on or
You can download the same for your concern bank. It looks like a simple word templet and we have to feel the templet using tab and shft tab. All other instructions are included in the read me file with it.
Same templet is available for railway reservation form on boath the sites.


Hey Rohiet!

Thanks for this info.

Really needed it.