Matrimonial Get-together 2016

12 Mar 2016

Believing in the concept “Match the capabilities, rather than matching disabilities” We at Voice Vision project of Basudeo Bubna Memorial Trust organized our 4th disability matrimonial get-together on 12th March 2016 at Golden Leaf Banquet Hall, Malad West, Mumbai. Like its previous years this event too was conducted with enthusiasm as we had Seventy Eight prospects and Seventy parents / Escorts who attended the get-together.
The registration process started at 10:30 am. A welcoming breakfast was arranged for the participants on their arrival, which was hosted by Golden Leaf.
Sushmeetha B. Bubna (Founder Director – Voice Vision) commenced the day by welcoming all the participants and their parents. She inaugurated the process by sharing her views about this magnificent event and the process details for the day. She also focused on various aspects that the prospect should consider while choosing his/her life partner.
Mr. Rajit Mehra (Advisory Board Member) & Mrs. Spandana Mehta (volunteer) started with the formal introduction of all the prospects so as to help participants socialize with each other. Rotractor Mithibai & Rotractor Saraf College aided the participants in order to note down their candidate choices. Also the parents / escorts picked of their own choices which they thought would be compatible.
Vidhya Thorat (polio in both legs) participant of our 2013, 2nd get-together was invited to share her wonderful experiences but due to some unforeseen reasons, she wasn’t able to come. Thus, Sushmeetha was asked to share the experiential instances of Vidhya Thorat. Sushmeetha started off by telling how in 2013, when Vidhya attended the 2nd get-together, she found the event nicely organised with all arrangements up to the mark. She also described how Vidhya found the privacy offered in terms of separate seating arrangements for participants & parents quite an aid. It helped the participants in sharing their inhibitions with each other. Dr. Preeti Sharma & Dr. Sharma role couple at that event shared their real life story and how after listening to this couple and their experiences, Vidhya gained confidence that even for someone like her, there is someone with whom she could be happily married to.
Sushmeetha explained how Vidhya’s hope of finding herself a right partner came true in the form of Mr. Ashish Deshpande (polio in both legs and one hand), a graduate who was working in SBI Life. Although, she met him outside Voice Vision event, it enabled her to gain confidence that even she could get married. Also, a practical experience of talking with prospects at event enabled her to talk freely with Mr. Ashish, understand and decide on. The couple to-be were able to share their views and likings. Sushmeetha explained how Vidhya found too many things in common and how both the prospects just clicked into a perfect fit.
On getting to know that Ashish lived with his mother and also managed to take care of her inspite of his shortcomings, Vidhya knew deep down that he’s the right person, she’s meant to be, for she had confidence that Ashish would take care of her too.
Sushmeetha told how the same feelings were reciprocated by Mr Ashish towards Vidhya who liked Vidhya’s positive attitude, boldness, learning and homely nature.

After sharing the inspiration story, it was time for the emotive part of the get-together. Each table was asked to share their views (positives or negatives) on various situations posed on them. Each one on the table had to contribute including participants, parents, escorts, special educators. Three situations were presented and their pros and cons were brought on the table. The outcome of these discussions was shared with the audience. The outcomes were strongly in lines of how no situation is perfect, and that disability is in one’s mind. Also, it was stated how adjustments and adaptability can make things simpler and how it also opens new horizons of approaching other disabilities with a hope that even with such disabilities a person has a suitable soul-mate meant for them.
Following this came the most essential component of the event, the interaction between the candidates which took place over lunch. Most of the prospects got a chance to meet other prospects of their interest. During this process, all of them had contented chat, thus gaining knowledge about each other’s interests and views. Many participants liked each other and were happy to take this connect ahead for further discussions.
SNDT alumni, Saraf and Mithibai College Rotractors along with other volunteers made this interaction a happy experience for participants.
The get-together concluded with felicitation of the venue & food sponsors, rotractors, Rotary Club of Goregaon West Coast, Lions Club of Malad – Borvili, Silver Innings and students who volunteered from Welingkar College.
This was followed by vote of thanks by Sushmeetha which stated that she was thankful to all the seventy eight prospects (comprising visual, speech, hearing, polio, limb or other impairment) and their families for believing in the platform facilitated by them who joined them from across the country, such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Indore, Ratnagiri other parts of Gujarat & Maharashtra.
She also thanked Mr. Arpit Thakkar Director Golden Leaf Banquet Hall for sponsoring the venue & food. Special vote of thanks was given to Mr. Amit Sharma Manager Golden Leaf for his generous support & coordination.
Special thanks was also given to all the volunteers, Rotractors from Rotract Club of Saraf & Mithibai College & students from Welingkar College, Moderators / Special Educators from SNDT College, Rotary Club of West Coast, Lions Club of Malad and Borivili, Silver Innings, Ascent Networks Pvt. Ltd. To support the idea & set it rolling.
Special gratitude to Media for enabling us to create awareness & widen our reach.

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