We love it when our work and reason for existence is recognized in the media. Here are some such instances.

The Blind Visionary - Free Press Journal - By Benita Fernando

Date on which testimonial was published: 
26 May 2013

Sushmeetha Bubna was detected with cataract at birth, a condition that left her visually impaired in 1997. She now runs a computer training institute for visually impaired along with monthly knowledge session catering to their overall development. BENITA FERNANDO gives a peek into her life.    ...    Read more »

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Voice Vision institute for blind, conducts personality development session for visually impaired- Your Story- By Preethi Chamikutty

Date on which testimonial was published: 
16 May 2013

MUMBAI: Sushmeetha Bubna has always been a gusty person, full of life and energy. It doesn’t matter that her eye sight is not normal or she cannot see as much as others. Her never-say-die attitude has helped her change not just her own life but also create a difference in the lives of many visually impaired people.    ...    Read more »

A match-making event for the differently-abled- Hindustan Times- By Mugdha Variyar

Date on which testimonial was published: 
4 Feb 2013

Tulsi Zaveri, 27, a music teacher, wants a partner who is well-educated with a well-paying job, just like any girl her age, but the Goregaon resident has two other unique conditions – “he should be fond of classical music, and more importantly, he should be sighted.”    ...    Read more »

Voice Vision helps persons with disabilities find a suitable life partner- Blind welfare

Date on which testimonial was published: 
3 Feb 2013

To assist people across disabilities have their dream of marriage realized Voice Vision organized a Matrimonial Get-together in Mumbai at Golden Leaf Banquets on February 3, 2013. Forty persons with disabilities and their parents attended the program. The resource persons - writer and gender & disability activist Ms. Nidhi Goyal; clinical psychologists from ADAPT Ms. Kruti Shah, Ms.    ...    Read more »

An all-embracing run but with quite a few hurdles- Mid Day- By Naveeen Nair & Chetna Yerunkar

Date on which testimonial was published: 
21 Jan 2013

Though the Mumbai Marathon on Sunday was all-encompassing in terms of accepting participation from the disabled, they said the organisers should have had fewer barricades and more volunteers for smooth movement

January 21, 2013
Mumbai    ...    Read more »

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