We love it when our work and reason for existence is recognized in the media. Here are some such instances.

Facilities disappoint the disabled- DNA - By Maitri Porecha

Date on which testimonial was published: 
21 Jan 2013

Visually challenged people participated in the Mumbai Marathon for the first time since its inception ten years ago. However, they didn’t leave with any pleasant memories as organisers failed to make adequate arrangements for them. Even though they participated in the champions with disabilities run, they were asked to collect medals meant for the half marathon by organisers.    ...    Read more »

A 'Vision' To Empower Those Without Sight - The Hindu- By Amutha Kannan

Date on which testimonial was published: 
10 Jan 2013

She does not believe in giving money or food as a sign of sympathy to people with disability.
“It is a one-time deed. When you help them get knowledge and skill, you can make them earn
for a lifetime, and that is what I am doing,” says visually challenged Sushmeetha Bubna,
Founder, Voice Vision, Institution for Computer Training and Overall Development of Blind,    ...    Read more »

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Women, do not let time and age take you away from your goal- The Hindu- By Amutha Kannan

Date on which testimonial was published: 
10 Jan 2013

The six women panelists, achievers in more ways than one, urged women to focus on their potential to make life worthy.    ...    Read more »

A seminar for the visually impaired- Sexuality and intimacy- by Nidhi Garima Goyal

Date on which testimonial was published: 
10 Sep 2012

It was our website (www.sexualityanddisability.org) that made Sushmeetha Bubna, the Founder- Director of Voice Vision - a computer training institute working for the overall development of the visually impaired (VIs) - consider the need for a discussion on sexuality and relationships.    ...    Read more »

Sex education for the visually impaired- DNA- By Rito Paul

Date on which testimonial was published: 
27 Aug 2012

Sexuality is not something one tends to associate with the visually impaired. So strongly are they defined by their disability that other aspects of their lives, such as their sexual needs, are not even considered. To redress this imbalance, Voice Vision, an NGO for the blind, held a sexuality and intimacy workshop on Sunday at the Hiranandani College of Nursing in Powai.    ...    Read more »

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