We love it when our work and reason for existence is recognized in the media. Here are some such instances.

Gifting Vision- Westside Plus- By Anita Seth

Date on which testimonial was published: 
30 Oct 2004

She loves watching movies, yapping away for hours on the phone and has a sweet tooth. Arti Bubna is just like any other young girl except for that one thing which makes her very special. She is visually impaired but has not lost sight of her dreams and ambition!!    ...    Read more »

Arti Bubna - Proprietor, Voice Vision Computer Institute for the Blind- enable.all.org

Date on which testimonial was published: 
9 Dec 2003

People with visual disabilities flying a plane or driving a car. Fantasies? Perhaps. People with visual disabilities at senior positions in research and development labs, scientific and business organizations. Day dreams? Maybe. Maybe not. One thing is sure - Arti Bubna is a dreamer with Big Hairy Audacious Goals.    ...    Read more »

We don't teach our children the reason to live- Rediff.com- By Anita Bora

Date on which testimonial was published: 
23 Aug 2003

My dream is that everything good should happen. Everybody should have enough to eat. There should be no corruption. But that seems like a fantasy.

I believe people are changing their attitudes nowadays because of growing awareness and the world is becoming a smaller place.

There are many things I want to do every moment. I want to help people and give back something to my country.    ...    Read more »

She conquered darkness for her dreams- Mid Day- By Shivani Sharma

Date on which testimonial was published: 
4 Mar 2003

“Almost every computer institute denied me admission because I was blind,”
claims Arti Bubna, who was diagnosed with cataract at an early age. Despite undergoing numerous eye operation, doctors were was unable to save Arti’s eyesight.    ...    Read more »

Web Sight- 0fftrack India Today- By Nidhi Taparia Rathi

Date on which testimonial was published: 
30 Sep 2002

Arti Bubna is having a tough lecture. The 24-year-old teacher is trying to teach visually impaired Nikita Vaid, 17, the concept of a "menu bar" on a computer. She tries for the fifth time, "Imagine the menu of a restaurant that lists food. The 'menu bar' on the computer is just like that." But Nikita is not yet clear.    ...    Read more »

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