Voice Vision Project listing

Following is a detailed listing of our current projects.

Please go through them thoroughly and take your pick.

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Reader Writer campaign

Description: Although technology has reduced the dependency of the sight disabled to a large extent, hand-written information and some kind of print material still remains inaccessible to the visually challenged. That’s where a reader/writer comes in. A reader/writer is a one who assists a visually impaired person in reading/writing documents. They provide help in various ways such as filing documents, reading newspapers & other print material of Importance. Further, a reader/writer also assist students in preparing for their exams by reading their study material, and during examinations, read question papers, and write the answers dictated. Hence, Voice Vision through its website has taken up the task of building a database of Reader / writer volunteers who could provide this assistance.

Task for volunteers:

  • Sensitizing the general public and building up a reader writer bank to facilitate the visually impaired individuals with the assistance they require for making print material accessible to them.
  • Creating awareness by visiting schools, colleges and other institutions.
  • Collection of reader writer database.
  • Volunteering as reader writers.

Duration: On going.

Knowledge Sessions

Description: Voice Vision provides valuable and useful information related to topics of utmost importance to a visually impaired individual as well as his/her parents and family members, such as soft skills, financial planning, counseling, sharing of experiences of parents, self defense, sexual education, etc, through workshops and seminars held at regular intervals.

Tasks for volunteers:

  • Maintaining the registration desk and attendance.
  • Escorting the visually impaired guests and speakers to and fro the hall.
  • Distribution, filling and collection of the feedback forms.

Duration: 6 to 8 hours for event / session held once in 2 months.

Parents guide

Description: In the journey of one’s life, the role played by his or her parents is indispensable. Dealing with the truth of one’s son/daughter being visually impaired is not easy when it comes to accepting the same, and also in the subsequent stages in their respective lives. Voice Vision’s effort in this Endeavour, deals with providing the optimum guidance to the parents with regards to the different facilities available, different ways to deal with problems and let them know they are not alone.

Task for volunteers:

  • Interviewing the parents of visually challenged children.
    • Drafting the interview in proper language.
  • Proof reading.
  • Submitting all the material including the recordings and drafted material to us.

Duration: On going.

Voice Vision Matrimonial

Description: It is rightly said, the first bond of society is marriage. Every individual awaits the arrival of that one special person who could be his / her companion for life. Voice Vision takes a small step in this direction, and attempt to bring about a leap of difference to a person’s life through our Voice Vision Matrimonial. The aim is to see every person with disability well settled in his / her life. This matrimonial section is open to all, with or without special needs.

Task list for volunteers:

  • Research through internet and other modes.
  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Building Media relations and strategic alliances

Duration: On going.

NGO database

Description: There is a vast amount of data on the various NGO’s working for the differently-abled scattered all over the internet. Voice Vision has taken up the fractious task of listing all of these NGO’s under one roof through our website www.voicevision.in.

Task for volunteers:

  • Collection of a data base of various NGO’s working for the differently-abled via the internet and other modes.
  • Uploading the data on the Voice Vision website.
  • Building strategic alliances.

Duration: On going.

Tactile diagram creation

Description: Tactile diagrams or graphics are nothing but accessible images. They are representations of images created on raised surfaces so that a visually impaired person can feel them. They are used to convey non-textual information such as maps, paintings, graphs and diagrams. They are not mere transcriptions of print illustrations or raised versions of a print graphic; they are the transformed representations of images that are adapted for the sense of touch. Voice Vision uses tactile diagrams for training its students in computers using tactile of the various computer concepts such as desktop, dialog boxes, menus, and so on.

Task for volunteers:

  • Creation of tactile diagrams for the various computer related concepts.

Duration: 2 weeks.

Success Stories

Description: "Success" stems from the strong roots of perseverance, dedication and hunger to succeed. It is not an overnight phenomena, and involves many hardships, trauma, which culminates into 'Stories of Survival'. Voice Vision aims at making these stories of success heard, to provide a source of inspiration to others looking to walk the same path or just in search of a boost.

Task for volunteers:

  • Interviewing successful visually impaired individuals.
  • Drafting the interview in proper English.
  • • Proof reading.
  • Submitting all the material including the recordings and drafted material to us.

Duration: On going.

Social Networking

Task for volunteers:

  • Managing and maintaining the social networking accounts of the organization.
  • Marketing & promotional campaigns.
  • Preparing Presentations

    Description: We wish to create attractive and appealing PowerPoint presentations for our organization and the various projects undertaken by us, so we can use them for promotional and sensitization purposes.

    Task for volunteers:

    • Understanding the project and carrying out research.
    • Collating the data.
    • Preparing the presentation.

    Duration: 3 weeks.

    The time line for all of our projects will be disclosed once you have registered with and contacted us.

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