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We believe that the world is a place where blindness is not a handicap, but just a mere inconvenience. Since April 2000 we've been enabling Visually Impaired with help of technology, promoting social inclusion, facilitating interaction between VIs, families and society & enabling them to peruse their dream. With VoiceVision.in we'd like to invite you to join our community & mission.
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Career Workshop & Voice Vision's 11th Anniversary celebrations!

3 Apr 2011

A workshop on unconventional education streams which was being planned for over a month, was molded to perfection on the 3rd of April at the Little Angels High School, Sion. It was a workshop with a difference. Not only it dealt with a different take on education all together, but it catered to a different audience who would never liked to be called that.    ...    Read more »

Are the new ULIPs actually beneficial for the investor?

A very well researched article by Money Life Magazine on the true face of the new ULIPs. It bluntly points out how the new "reformed ULIPs" are not any better than the old ULIPs. A must read.    ...    Read more »


Gold Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs)

In turbulent times, gold has shown up as an effective hedge against equities in an portfolio.    ...    Read more »

Voice Vision's Jan 2011 session on Financial Planning and Investments

Voice Vision conducted a session on "Financial Planning and Investments" on Saturday, 22nd January 2011.

The speakers for the session were Mr. Harsh vardhan Dawar, a Chartered Accountant, financial analyst, and Founder Director of Wealth Cafe And Ms. Lehar Chandgothia, a visually impaired person herself, completed Masters Diploma in Business Administration from Symboisis Institute of Management {Pune} dealing in shares and mutual funds and handling home finance investments and I T returns independently.    ...    Read more »

HRA Exemption for Salaried employees

A common term for salaried employees is HRA, House Rent Allowance, though no such term used by the Income Tax Act, 1961.    ...    Read more »


Investing in Gold

Apart from Fixed Deposits, Gold and Real Estate have been the other favourite avenues for investors in India. Gold particularly has been very close to the heart of Indian families, generation after generation.    ...    Read more »

Taxability of Gifts received

India had a Gift Tax Act, 1958 which regulated tax implications of gifts in the country. This Gift tax Act was deleted by the Finance Act, 1998 w.e.f. October 1, 1998.     ...    Read more »


Financial planning and investments

22 Jan 2011

Voice Vision conducted a session on "Financial Planning and Investments" on Saturday, 22nd January 2011.    ...    Read more »

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