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We believe that the world is a place where blindness is not a handicap, but just a mere inconvenience. Since April 2000 we've been enabling Visually Impaired with help of technology, promoting social inclusion, facilitating interaction between VIs, families and society & enabling them to peruse their dream. With VoiceVision.in we'd like to invite you to join our community & mission.
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Risks Involved in Investing in Equities

As mentioned, Risk is the uncertainity involved in the expected returns. Risk associated with Equities are much higher compared to Debt instruments. So are the returns. This follows the universal principle, "Higher the Risk, Higher the Return".    ...    Read more »


Risks Involved in Investing in Debt

Risk refers to uncertainity in returns. Debt instruments are considered less riskier than Equities because there is a lesser uncertainity in the returns one can expect from Debt Instruments.    ...    Read more »


Most Essential Factor for a Successful Investor

Scores of articles have been written on this topic, what does it take to be a Successful Investor.    ...    Read more »

Weird (Non) Investing Reasons

My interactions with a cross section of investors has thrown up weird reasons for not investing and equally strange reasons for investing one's money. Why I term them as weird is because there is no reasonable logic for the same.     ...    Read more »


A session for parents only.

27 Nov 2010

On 27th November 2010 Voice Vision had a meeting exclusively for parents. The meeting was taken off by three members of the Parents Support Group (PSG), Mrs. Parthasarathy, Mrs. Jangam and Mrs. Tolpady. They started off with a recap of the sessions that have been held so far, and explained the works of the PSG.    ...    Read more »

Summary of Voice Vision's October 2010 session on the Experience of parents while bringing up their visually challenged child

The topic of our October 2010 session was, ‘The experience of parents while bringing up their VI child’.    ...    Read more »

Is the Interest credited to your account correct?

Debt Avenues have been the most popular investment choice in India because of the safety of principal amount and assured of fixed returns.    ...    Read more »


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