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We believe that the world is a place where blindness is not a handicap, but just a mere inconvenience. Since April 2000 we've been enabling Visually Impaired with help of technology, promoting social inclusion, facilitating interaction between VIs, families and society & enabling them to peruse their dream. With VoiceVision.in we'd like to invite you to join our community & mission.
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Mutual Funds Snapshot: September 2010

The following will give you an insight into the various Mutual Funds operating in India and their Assets Under management(AUM) as on Sept 30, 2010.    ...    Read more »


Mutual Funds: Pros and Cons

Over a period of time Mutual funds have become a very popular investment vehicle in India. The reasons for the popularity of mutual funds among investors are many:     ...    Read more »


Understanding a Mutual Fund

A Mutual Fund is a TRUST that pools the savings of a number of investors who share a common financial goal.     ...    Read more »


"Hear, from the closest" Experience of parents while bringing up their Vi child,

23 Oct 2010

Every individual, sighted or non-sighted, considers his / her parent to be a pillar in their lives, that provides them with the best foundation which helps them build a good living.     ...    Read more »

Which among these topics interests you and could be covered at Voice Vision's next session?

Orientation of diverse modes of mobility
25% (33 votes)
growing up under the care of VI parents
11% (15 votes)
Education experience through the phases
9% (12 votes)
Diverse career opportunities
20% (26 votes)
VI relationships
9% (12 votes)
Financial practice and support tools
26% (34 votes)
Total votes: 132

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