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Weekly snippet of our 28th August meeting! Part II

It is often said “The message is communicated effectively, not when one communicates it, but when it’s understood by the recipient in the intended manner.” Demonstrating the above statement, Ms. Asha Bhatia conducted a small activity in the meeting held on the 28th of August as a part of Voice Vision’s monthly get-togethers.

She split the overall participants into teams of two and gave them the task of speaking of a ‘thing’ by one person of the team to the other and addressing it by some other name. For example people were asked to speak about ‘parents’ by referring to them as sunflower to their other team members.

This tested the creativity, presence of one’s mind and effectiveness of one’s communication. It also demonstrated how difficult it is to have one thing in mind and use another word to describe it. The second activity further drilled into the realm of creativity, where one member of the team was asked to imagine anything in the world, and describe the same to their partners by addressing it as some random word in the English dictionary. They say “the proof of the pudding is in its eating”, which was precisely the expected outcome of the activity. The other member of the team had to guess the right thing through the references.

Communicating is not difficult, but it’s wasted when it doesn’t serve the purpose. It can be planned as well as impromptu. So why don’t you all share with us your most effective mode of communicating “effectively”? It could be tried and tested, proven and worth trying and testing. Pore in your views till we bring you more from the concluded meeting.

Till then “Absorb… Think… And Communicate!”

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