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Weekly snippet of our 28th August meeting! Part III

After understanding the vitality of ‘communication’ and the criticality of the same in major ‘deal makers’ and ‘deal breakers’, the Voice Vision’s Meeting of August 28th took on the support systems.

Ms. Asha Bhatia then focused on the support systems that add structure to one’s communicable message. She focused on the gestures, body postures, and summed it up with some manners that would help us go a long way alongside our daily intake of food (Table Manners).

She spelt out some tricks with regards to ‘being approachable’ and how should one act when one approaches someone. Open-arms portray a person’s welcoming behavior, up-right body structure exhibits confidence, a smile resembles air of pleasant atmosphere, were just some of the tips that were harped upon by Ms. Bhatia. Then she took the audience close to the table, and advised the people to maintain some distance from the table, not dominate the table by resting both your hands on it and wait for the food when it’s served rather than reaching out for it. She also outlined the art of eating with the ‘fork’ on the left hand and the knife/spoon on the right, a complete avoidance of cell-phone-talks while eating and total control of munching sound while eating.

People had a hands-on experience through the demonstration that was performed by Ms. Bhatia. We would like to hear more dinner/lunch stories relating to approaching them from you all. Difficulties, funny incidents, innovative ways to make the waiter listen to you and many more. Let us exchange some healthy ‘food’ for thought on this virtual restaurant of ours…

Till next week, let’s eat… Feed… and spread a lot of good deeds.

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