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Career Workshop & Voice Vision’s 11th Anniversary celebrations!

Career Workshop & Voice Vision’s 11th Anniversary celebrations!

A workshop on unconventional education streams which was being planned for over a month, was molded to perfection on the 3rd of April at the Little Angels High School, Sion. It was a workshop with a difference. Not only it dealt with a different take on education all together, but it catered to a different audience who would never liked to be called that. It was hosted for differently-able individuals by Voice Vision on the backdrop of its eleventh anniversary celebrations. The workshop of 3rd April 2011 was flagged off by the traditional Sarasvati Vandana which set the theme for the 3 speakers who took to the root of the topic from different angles. Captain Handa, the first visually challenged pilot who runs his own flying school at the Vanasthali University near Jaipur in Rajasthan, was the first speaker to take the stage. He spoke of his experience as a blind instructor at the flying school and highlighted the opportunities available for the visually impaired individuals in this sector. The session transcended to a different location when our next speaker, Mr. Manas Ajgaonkar, dealt with the nuances of the travel and tourism industry with regards to the challenges and opportunities for the visually impaired within this arena. He himself being fluent in 3 foreign languages, German, Spanish and Japanese, highlighted the advantages of learning different languages and the opportunities available for making a career out of it. Our third speaker, Ms. Garima Goyal, a post graduate diploma holder in mass communications from Sofia’s college, spoke on the different aspects of journalism and Mass media, the options available on the career front and the challenges that she faced while undergoing the course. It was then followed by a presentation, outlining Voice Vision’s activities over the past one year delivered by one of its students, and now its faculty, Vanessa. Seeing the audience being this eager and excited reflected from their barrage of questions that they had for the speakers. The session which seemed to come to a conclusion delivered another twist when Mr. Ajay Kumar Bubna, Director of Ascent Networks Pvt ltd, made an announcement of a scholarship to be awarded by Voice Vision from the next year onwards, to a student between the ages of 12 to 18 bases his academic and non-academic achievements alongside his future goals. We couldn’t have asked a better fitting finish to a celebration of education. The session was followed by a sumptuous lunch where one could witness amplitude of light-hearted humor and cheer. The institute’s visionary Ms. Sushmeetha Bubna signed off with a promise to deliver more surprises and more of such initiatives which would go a long way in shaping the quality of one’s living.

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