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Children’s Day Special “First Aiders Training”

picture of a young boy learning how to apply bandage

Children’s Day Special “First Aiders Training”


First-aid techniques have helped save hundreds of lives. Rather than wait impotently for help, first-aid training helps individuals tackle medical issues of their own or of others immediately, providing relief to the affected till help arrives. Most people would be surprised to learn that the blind can also be adept at first-aid. What they need is training. To address this need, on the event of Childrens Day, Voice Vision, along with the Life Supporters and National Association for the Blind education department organized a First Aid Training for the visually impaired kids on November 16, 2013 at NAB Andheri Center. “The First-Aiders: Helping Yourself & Others” was a day-long workshop with an equal mixture of theoretical explanations and practical demonstrations by Life Supporters Institute Of Health Sciences (a recognized International training center of the American Heart Association). The training began with revealing importance of distinguishing between accidental problems & problems due to various disease. Meaning of first aid, steps to be carried out prior to delivering first aid & gave the visually impaired people an overview on techniques like preventing bleeding, applying bandage, taking care of fractures and a lot more! Over 12 children ranging from ages 13 to 23 years and more than 8 parents participated in the event. The training helped them gain confidence in their abilities to tackle emergency medical situations. This training help in eradicating the common perception of “visually impaired cannot be of help to the society by large, as they themselves require assistance on different fronts especially self safety.” We would like to thank the Doctors from Life Supporters for their wonderful & descriptive training. Special thanks for the education department of National Association for the Blind, for believing in us & giving us an opportunity to interact with the integrated school kids.

NSS Volunteers from Mithibhai College, volunteers from Ascent Networks Pvt. Ltd. And Mr. Shrinath V. (Advisory Team Member) Deserve a exceptional gratitude for their contribution to help this event get executed and expressed. Last but not the least would thank all the 12 kids & their parents for participating in the training & making it possible, who came from far off places.



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