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Creating Awareness, Sensitizing & Fund Raising

Creating Awareness, Sensitizing & Fund Raising at Infiniti Mall

Joy of Giving Week was round the corner and Diwali adds to the giving momentum. Infiniti Mall both Malad & Andheri have given us an opportunity to create awareness, sensitize people & raise funds at their venue. Wish Tree Concept: Visitor gets to select a Wish Card on which he/she can write his/her own wish and contribute the desired fund. He/ she then pastes it on the tree with a faith that his/her wish will transform the lives of people. In turn he/she gets a smiley having written “I Did My Bit”! More the Wish Cards get picked up, the more they get replaced by Smiley’s and the fruitier the tree looks and shows how many people are committing to the cause. The wish tree was nicely decorated with the wish cards of different projects like computer training, matrimonial website, knowledge session and website maintenance. The contributors were sensitized with the help of various sensitising activities which helped the non disabled people understand, how a simple solution can enable a person to overcome his or her disability or inability. Few of the sensitizing activities carried out were: Recognizing coins with closed eyes, where one had to identify coins using their touch sensation. Many of the visitors couldn’t distinguish the different coins & felt the task very funny as well as difficult. Upon disclosing the technique of feeling the shape, size, weight and the text embossed on the coins the same task seem a cake walk. Walking blindfolded, visitors were blindfolded, made to walk few steps without any support and then had to walk using a white cane. They realized the difference in confidence and sense of security with the cane in their hand. Rahul Roy the film star said “It really feels different safe &

secured with the cane”. Typing their name on computer keyboard without looking at the keys, was found next to impossible by the visitors, but as we revealed the fact of the raised dots on the letters “F” & “J” people felt how with little practice or techniques a visually impaired can perform with ease, where as it seems to be very difficult to person with eyesight. We thank the Infiniti Marketing Team for permitting us to participate in the event “Fun Utsav” at both the Malad & Andheri Infiniti Mall from 25th October to 10th November 2013. We are also thankful to the Rotary Club of Mumbai West Coast, for supporting our creating awareness, sensitising & fund raising project at Infiniti Mall. It was a great experience for all the 53 volunteers as they developed their soft skills and their overall personality. Special thanks to all the volunteers from the NSS group, comprising of 33 students from Thakur College of Science & Commerce , 14 students from Mithibhai College & the 6 Rotrac members from JM Patel College. Thanks to Ascent Networks Pvt. Ltd. Team and other volunteers for their contribution throughout the planning, executing & wrapping of the event. Due to the support & efforts of all the volunteers we could participate & execute the project. The wish cards placed on the tree were replaced by more than 250 smiley’s by the end of the project. Few of them read as

  • Respect everyone. God is one, at the top.
  • I want to see all people treated equally upright in the society as our flying National flag.
  • Good job, appreciated. The children who are working for it, this is a good deed.
  • I want to see them growing and educated.
  • Really appreciate about the work for society which your doing and keep it up all the best-Bhargav Trivedi
  • I like this NGO. And god give their hard work value – Vasaya Sahil
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