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Defend Yourself: Workshop by Voice Vision

a group picture of instructors

Voice Vision organized a specially designed “Self Defense” workshop for the visually challenged individuals under the leadership & guidance of the chief instructor a Martial art expert Mr Pawan Sharma, Director Securities of a well-known 5 Star hotel and his team, on Sunday, 24th June 2012, at H.K Institute of Management studies, Oshiwara, Mumbai from 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM. “Defend Yourself” was the training workshop which gave the visually impaired participants practical tips and techniques for fending off attackers in various real-life situations such as, what is to be done if attacked from behind, attacked from front, using self defense products, avoiding dangers etc. Participants were given personal attention by the team of highly skilled trainers led by the Martial art expert Mr Pawan Sharma, with over 30 years of experience in this field. The participants comprising of diverse age groups from students to working professionals, to entrepreneurs, all looking for answers to how to defend themselves in times of danger and were thrilled to be a part of such a fulfilling & enriching experience. In order to make this training more effective, the organizers themselves attended a mock session conducted by Mr. Pawan Sharma, which gave the trainers as well as the organizers a satisfaction of the feasibility for conducting such a training. As part of his preparations for this training, Mr. Pawan Sharma used blind-folds to understand the plight of a visually impaired person and then made special modifications for optimum understanding of the techniques by the visually impaired. He and his team also focused on giving individual attention to every participant, thereby making their experience of learning, more value-driven. We thank Mr. Pawan Sharma and his team for the time & effort put in by them in conducting this workshop. We also thank H.K Management Institute for allowing us to use their premise. A special thanks to the doctors from Lifesupporters Institute of Health Sciences, who were there to manage things in case of any mishaps. We thank the volunteers from H.K Management as well as the other volunteers who made special time to assist us during the workshop. Thanks to our core team, the brains and hands behind the workshop. And lastly, thanks to all our participants who attended and helped make the workshop a huge success.



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