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Looking Ahead Training at Big Bazaar

On 4th & 5th December 2018 Voice Vision, Mumbai organized a unique workshop “Looking Ahead Training at Big Bazaar”. Voice Vision along with Big Bazaar and NAB Delhi organized this  unique workshop for the visually impaired on the occasion of World Disability Day in Mumbai at Thane West.

Under the initiative named Looking Ahead, which also provides accessible shopping experience to the disabled, these workshops were organized in selected 13 Big Bazaar stores simultaneously across 7 cities in the country.

While you may take the experience to shopping to be exciting, this is not same for person with visual impairment. They can’t glance over the counter and pickup something that attracts the eyes. Neither can they just stroll in a shopping center or mall and take in all the beautifully displayed windows, but this was made possible even for persons with visual impairment by Big Bazaar’s initiative named Looking Ahead on World Disability Day.

We organized three unique workshops with Big Bazaar and NAB Delhi as part of this initiative.

The first was titled “Eye for Fashion”. Participants got to touch, feel, learn and admire different styles and types of attire such as palazzo, short or long kurta, multi layered dress or frock style kurta etc. They Learnt about various types of festive pants, studded denim, ripped off denim, or low waist skinny fit denim enhanced their understanding of elements of fashion.They got to learn the difference between casual, formal, party wear, etc.

Volunteers enthusiastically explained various combinations of clothing, matching colour, tips on matching appropriate jewellery and footwear to each participant.

The experience of touching and understanding different types of ear rings, neck piece, bracelets and footwears was well appreciated.

Post this, We held the “You Look Beautiful” beauty workshop. Here, participants got to learn about cosmetics and body care. They were made aware about different types of hair shampoo & conditioners, hair oils, body lotions, creams etc. They learnt to be aware about their own hair, skin type and ways to take care of themselves along with tips to consider while shopping appropriately. Mobile apps like “eye d”, “Seeing AI” were demonstrated to read the bottle labels, identify colours as part of the workshop.

Participants got hands-on in applying kajal and lipstick & practiced techniques for the same. During this they learnt about various types of lipsticks, tips on choosing appropriate shade for themselves. Each of them got their choice lipstick as a gift from Big Bazaar.

On the next day, we held the “Cooking with Looking” workshop. This was flagged off with learning about various sections in a kitchen, safety, hygiene, importance and methods of being organised for the visually impaired.

Various electronic kitchen appliances were demonstrated. Each participant got an opportunity to touch, feel and get oriented to appliances like rice cooker, multipurpose kettle, induction cooktop with appropriate utensil, sandwich maker and most appreciated product chopper.

Big Bazaar team introduced and gifted each participant a running “Tether”. A band used by visually impaired runners in Paralympics or marathons. Volunteers teamed up with participants and demonstrated usage of Tether. Learning about it added new avenues to each participants excitement.

Big Bazaar created an independent, dignified, inclusive, sensitized atmosphere enabling visually impaired to shop alone.


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