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Matrimonial Get-together 2020

All India 8th Across Disability Matrimonial Get-together 2020.


Sushmeetha B. Bubna (Founder, Director – Voice Vision) commenced the day by welcoming all and Mr. Sandeep Thakur entertained all with his soulful Violin Music & boosted enthusiasm amongst the audience at the beginning of the program. Aiming to ease participants anxiety this section was introduced. We had two of our participants sing along with Mr. Sandeep.

He is India’s most celebrated violinist & most preferred for India’s richest family “The AMBANIS”. He has Performed with Musical giants such as AR RAHMAN, VISHAL SHEKHAR, SALIM SULIEMAN, AMIT TRIVEDI & he is an official Jury member for ZEE TV Sa re ga ma Lil’ champ. Known for his Original songs like TUM HI HO, DIL DIYAAN GALLAN, FILHAAL, Mr. Sandeep has strong YouTube channel with a base of close to 1,50,000 subscribers.

Further, Rtr Akshita Jain shared the schedule for the day and Sushmeetha B. Bubna  shared few points to be considered while selecting their life partner which included values to consider, likes or dislikes of the other person and explaining that nothing happens in a single day, giving time to each other is important and that everyone has accepted their disability and has overcome it. Also shared that disability itself is a community, one should not narrow it further by looking for a religion or caste.

Mr. Rajit Mehra & Mrs. Spandana Mehta (Volunteer) then introduced each of the prospects one by one which made them comfortable. Rotaractors from Mumbai Sky City , Northern suburbs and NSS students of Jai Hind College helped participants to note down details of their interested candidates whom they wish to meet & interact; while the parents / escorts noted their own choices.

Later, Chaitanya Bagule and Usha Punde were present as the Success Story couple for the event. Chaitanya Bagule participated for the third time since 2016. Usha participated for the first time in the Year 2018. Chaitanya approached Usha during the 2018 Event and after little motivation from common friends and took enough time to understand each other. They even enabled their Families to decide by clearing their doubts. Both families agreed to tie their knot. Chaitanya from Nashik married to Usha Punde of Mumbai in year 2019. They consider marrying each other as one of the best decision of their lives

It was then time for the stirring part of the get-together. Each table had to share either advantages or disadvantages on a situation posed to them. Each one on the table had to contribute including participants, parents and escorts. Three situations (Marrying person with same disability, Marrying person with different disability and Marrying person with no disability) discussing its pros & cons made everyone think deeply. Moving ahead, Outcomes on both sides of each situation were then shared with the entire audience. It was concluded that no situation is perfect, disability is in one’s mind, acceptance, adjustments and adaptability can make things simpler. It also opened new horizons of approaching other disabilities and gave a hope to find a suitable match for themselves

Subsequently came the most essential element of the event, interaction between the candidates over a lunch. Most of the candidates got to meet with prospects of their interest. They had a comfortable chat and gained knowledge about each other. Many participants liked each other and were happy to take this connect ahead for further discussions.

Rotaractors from Mumbai Sky City, Northern Suburbs, NSS Volunteers from Jai Hind College and Students of S.I.E.S. college enabled smooth registrations and made the interaction for participants possible.

51 Men and 41 Women participated in the Event & they came from places like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Delhi, Bangalore & Amritsar.

The get-together concluded with felicitation of the venue & food sponsors & Associates:

FM Banquet, Green Leaf, Lion’s Club International, Choice International, Byke Hospitality, Samank Consumer Products, Sharda Cropchem, Rotaract Club of Mumbai Sky City, Rotaract Club of Northern Suburbs, Trinayani, JAMM’s, Newz Hook. Followed by vote of thanks by Rtr Akshita Jain.


We thank all the prospects (comprising of visual, speech, hearing, polio, limb or other impairment) and their families who joined us from across the country and for believing in the platform facilitated by us.

We also thank all our volunteers for enabling the existence of the event and making it widely appreciated.

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