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Musical Event

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Amazing!! Marvelous!! Stupendous!! Fantastic!! We could use every possible adjective from the English dictionary, but none of them would be enough to describe the superb time we had on February 8 2009. The occasion was one of our ex-student Ms. Nikita Vaid’s birthday. However, it was not just the celebration of Nikita’s birthday but also a surprise for our ex-student, Rupa, our mailing list member, Dharmarajan sir’s daughter Shwetha, and Voice Vision’s faculty, Vanessa, who also celebrated their birthdays at around the same time. The venue of the party was one of another ex-student, Mr. Sameer Latey’s house in Mulund. The party started by around 2:30 pm with a small introduction session, just so that everyone got to know each other.

This was followed by the cake cutting ceremony. After the cake cutting the musical show started off with Mr. Udaykumarji on the keyboard, who played beautifully, and Mr. Rajesh Mehta on the Tabla, who was simply amazing. The singing was initiated by the four birthday girls. First with Nikita, who started off by singing Dama dam mast kalander. After her came Vanessa, who sang Save the best for last. Then came Rupa, who sang Chukar mere man ko. Shwetha sang her school song. After the birthday girls was the turn of everyone present there. One by one every person came up and sang their favourite songs. Vibhuti sang Naa Jaane kyo. Hetal sang Jab koi baat bigad jaaye. Sushmeetha madam with full spirit sang, Dil hai chota sa. Nagraj Sir sang country road. Vishalakshi and her mom sang Mira bhajan. Dharmarajan Sir recited a few shlokas. Jay Singh sang a song by Himesh. Manesh sang a song from Karma. Rajesh sang Tum muje yu bhula na paoge. Aparna sang Lakdi ki kati. Amar along with playing the Tabla with full zeal, sang two songs. One of which was a ghazal by Jagjit Singh. And Arunji sang a song composed by himself. Nikita even came in later and sang a few Ghazzals of Jagjit Singh. Like, Hoto se chulo tum and Tum ko dekha, which was a beautiful duet with Amar Jain. Later Rajesh and Nikita had a duet with the song Tu hi re from the movie Bombay, which was simply out of this world. The evening was wrapped up with two Jagjit Singh’s gazals sang by Nikita, which were, Hosh walo and Tum se milke. All of this singing was topped up with delicious snacks arranged by the main birthday girl, Nikita herself. It didn’t matter who was off tune or who forgot the words. What mattered was that everyone enjoyed. There were sing alongs, and shouting, and all the masti possible. All in all, at this musical event we all rocked and had a blast!!!

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