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Web Series on Safe Cooking


Is it compulsory that to cook one should look?

To clarify this misconception voice vision has come up with online series of videos of tips and tricks on easy and safe cooking for people with visual impairment.

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Here’s the promotional video of the series: promo of the series.


Watch here: First Episode of Safe Cooking Series Phase 1

In this we have covered few tips & tricks of self-safety while cooking


We will be releasing our other videos every week!

Episode 2- releasing on 30th April.

Episode 3 – releasing on 4th May.


We will have live session on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms on 7th May. Where we will answer your questions and queries.


Watch the entire series here.


Join us and stay tuned on any or all of the below platforms and keep yourself updated.  








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Also share any other interesting topic you wish us to cover here. #voicevision #safecooking #disabilityawareness #visuallyimpaired #siescollege




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