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Scribe vs. Student: Both sides of the story

“A tool, as vital as any one” Readers and writers have been, and will continue to be an integral part of one’s life, when it comes to the vision-under-privileged. The aim of this session was to understand the plight of the scribes as well as that of the students, discuss the problems they face and provide solutions to them. The guests invited were Mrs. Usha Iyer, who works as a reader for the Visually Impaired, and two of Voice Vision’s ex students named, Ms. Nikita Vaid, MBA, working as HR manager with Bank of Baroda, & Mr. Sameer Latey, Chartered Accountant, Manager (Accounts & Finance) at Chowgule Koster pvt ltd. The session started with a talk by Mrs. Usha Iyer, who beautifully shared her experiences as a reader with us. She spoke about how she started off as a reader, the bonds that she built with her students and continues sharing that bond even today. She even spoke of how she learnt how to behave around Visually Impaired people, and get accustom to not using sign language to communicate with them and keep everything more on the verbal side. She further discussed the challenges faced by her and the way she overcame them. The next talk was by Mr. Sameer Latey, who threw light on the legalities related to readers/writers, the good and bad experiences that he encountered with his writers during examinations, and provided information on how one can go about looking for a scribe. Next came the last speaker for the day, Ms. Nikita Vaid, who shared in detail her good and bad experiences with both readers as well as writers. She also made a good point that we shouldn’t exploit the knowledge and services of a writer for our own personal benefit during exams, and keep ourselves honest instead. At this session the speakers helped the parents & students understand the importance of bonding between a scribe and the student in order to avail better results.

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