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Session on Financial planning and Investments

Voice Vision conducted a session on “Financial Planning and Investments” on Saturday, 22nd January 2011. The speakers for the session were Mr. Harsh vardhan Dawar, a Chartered Accountant, financial analyst, and Founder Director of Wealth Cafe And Ms. Lehar Chandgothia, a visually impaired person herself who has completed Masters Diploma in Business Administration from Symboisis Institute of Management {Pune} dealing in shares and mutual funds and handling home finance investments and I T returns independently. “Financial Planning is the process of meeting your life goals through proper management of your finances.” says Mr. Dawar. He started the session with explaining the importance of financial planning. He stressed on these 4 components for having a good plan. Namely, Save. Invest. Protect. Manage. 1. SAVE: Cash Flow Management 2. INVEST: Investment Planning and Retirement Planning 3. PROTECT: Insurance Planning, Tax Planning and Estate Planning 4. MANAGE: Periodic review of the Plan He elaborated on each of these components and explained each of them in details. He also gave very useful information and a few tips and tricks with regards to the various insurance plans, difference between insurance and investment, importance of preparing a will, availing tax exemptions etc. Next came Lehar. She stressed on investments from a visually impaired persons point of view. She started right from scratch, explaining the importance for a visually impaired person to open his/her own individual savings account, and gave information on the banks which offer good service and facilities for a visually impaired person. She then went on to explain the various investment opportunities and avenues available in the existing market scenario, how a visually impaired person can trade in equity i.e. in shares and mutual funds independently, investments which gives tax benefit under section 80 c, medi claim and insurance premium under section 80 d and lot more. The session was very beneficial to all the members and each and every one derived something fruitful from it.

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