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Session on Legal issues and Human Rights.

At this session the Legal issues related with the right to live, or equal opportunity with others, and Counseling the parents with regards to school admissions were touched upon. A solicitor Ms. Kanchan Pamnani was invited to throw some light on these matters. She provided information regarding the various legal issues related to the VI, and provided the necessary information with regards to education, banking, finance, & the various concessions available for the VI. Everyone was made aware of the need for the VI to take advantage of the various banking facilities that are now available for them, like ATM’s, credit cards, internet banking, etc. It was also made clear that a VI person is entitled to take a medical insurance just like any other individual and will not be deprived of this right. In education, Ms. Pamnani spoke of the right of a VI to take extra time and to use the facilities of a scribe. This session made the parents and spouses of the students aware of the legalities related to the visually impaired which they were not aware of before. Activity: Circulars and laws related to the visually impaired for banking, education, social justice & welfare were distributed.

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