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Session on Sighted Guide Technique

While in an earlier session we tried to encourage the parents and spouses of our students to motivate their visually impaired family member to use the white cane and make themselves independent, this time it was the parents and spouses turn to learn a few things for themselves. Through this session we tried to provide a few tips and tricks to the family members and show them the right way of guiding their visually impaired counterpart. For this session we invited mobility instructors from NAB, who demonstrated the various techniques not only of walking with a stick, but also ways of seeking help from the sighted wherever necessary. They even gave a few tips to the sighted on the proper techniques of guiding the VI person when they are with them. For example, when climbing stairs, crossing the road, being seated on a chair, etc. They also provided a few tips to the students on things like, identifying currency, using proper techniques when walking with a sighted guide, proper way of looking for things that have fallen, etc. It was a very informative and knowledgeable session for all. Every member learnt something new from the demonstrations exhibited. Activity: Demonstration of proper sighted guide technique.

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