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Soft Skills (Professional)

Soft Skills (Professional) 24th July 2010

Conducted by: Mr. Rajesh Mehta, Career Development program manager Growth Markets – HR IST Learning, IBM Global Services India pvt ltd.

Following were the points covered by Mr. Rajesh Mehta at the session.

* Time Management

* Nuances of communication

* Vitality of effective listening

* Importance of Behavioral skills in daily endeavors

* Power of positive thinking

* Elements to be considered while preparing for an interview.

He started off the session with sharing his experience during his college days, outlining the difficulties in choosing a career path in those days, especially in the situation where one used to get caught between abundance of job opportunities and an acute shortage of resources for visually impaired people. He went on to say that just being a graduate wouldn’t help any one to have a successful career, especially in today’s competitive world. He emphasized on the vitality of behavioral skills and how that is a prime requirement in an individual over and above his or her technical knowledge. It is the only thing that makes or breaks a person’s career.

Treading the path of communication and its criticality in getting any job accomplished, he dealt with the art of physical listening and the power of reflective listening. He briefed upon several tips to communicate effectively in a meeting, during one-to-one conversations and during social get-togethers. One needs to be well equipped with proper verbal and written communication, alongside delivering the message in a precise and concise manner, as ‘time’ tops the chart of scarcity.

He further went on to touch the topic of “networking”. He elaborated on the importance of networking, and why it’s essential in not only reaching out to many allied, but also be resourceful when helping others. This includes interacting and coordinating with people across the organizational structure and hierarchy.

Lastly he spoke on how one should present oneself when one is going for an interview. One needs to carry oneself well with regards to one’s body language, dressing style, attitude, gesture, facial expression in short one’s overall personality should be pleasant and positive. From an interviewer’s point of view, he stressed that he or she should make the candidate feel comfortable during the interview process.

He concluded the session by answering to questions on effective communication, professional behavior and need for qualification par excellence to survive. The audience was enthralled by the whole session, and posed questions to him post the session as well.

Comments by a few of the attendees:

“Got a lot of valuable information from this session like the importance of Developing professional relationship and social networking, and the proper way of presenting ourselves before an interview.”

“This session has helped me to understand the importance of listening and developing communication skills.”

“This session was very fruitful as it gave lot of input in helping us to develop our professional skills and we learnt how to interact with people in a healthy way.”

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