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Voice Vision 9th Anniversary event

On Saturday April 25 2009, Voice Vision hosted an event on the occasion of its 9th Anniversary celebration. The venue of the program was Lalit Restaurant in Goregaon. As chief guest, Dr. Sam Taraporevala, Director of XRCVC, and Reader and Head of Department of Sociology, St. Xavier’s College was invited. Till before April 2009 all of Voice Vision’s anual events were restricted to its students only. But this was the first event held by Voice Vision where in not only the students, but also their parents and spouses were invited and asked to get involved. The evening was kicked off by a warm welcome speech by one of our ex students, Mr. Shriram Parthasarathy, who along with another of our ex students Ms. Hetal Shah anchored the entire event beautifully and in a very well organized manner. After the welcome speech was the Director of Voice Vision, Ms. Sushmeetha B. Bubna’s talk on Voice Vision’s past, present and future. Where she spoke about the birth of the institute, where it stands today, and where it aspires to reach in the near future. After her inspiring & invigorating talk, it was time for, HR manager Career Development Growth Markets, IBM, Mr. Rajesh Mehta’s workshop. It was a very interactive, activity and fun filled workshop. All the people were divided into four different groups. In the first activity, the groups had to mention any one happy moment or sad moment, and how he/she overcame that hardship times. In the next activity, each group was provided with a question. And the members of the group were asked to provide solutions for it. During this activity many of the problems faced by the visually impaired child and parents / family members were discussed. And solutions were also provided. As a last part the parents / family members were asked to sign a self pledge stating that they would try to keep in contact with the other parents, as often as possible. After the tea break, it was time for the chief guest, Dr. Sam Taraporevala’s speech. He gave a very informative, encouraging and knowledgeable speech. He spoke about the importance of integrated education in today’s world. He also touched upon the points of sensitization, and how necessary it is for the change in attitude to begin at home. Later he also spoke as well as played a video with regards to the accessible technologies available for the visually impaired in today’s day & age. The evening was brought to an end with the vote of thanks delivered by the faculty of Voice Vision, Ms. Vanessa Pereira. This was followed by dinner, which gave time to the families to mingle around and get to know each other better. The entire event was well organized, and a total success. We managed to achieve the goals that we had set, of getting the families to know each other very well and educating them about the technologies available today, and making them realize that they too can make a huge difference.

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