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Workshop on Soft skills and Networking

On 28th August 2010, Voice Vision conducted a workshop on Soft skills & Networking, where the guest speakers were Mrs. Asha Bhatia, Director Department of rehabilitation (NAB), and Mr. Hari Raghvan, Partner relationship manager (IBM).

The session started off with a very interactive workshop on Soft skills conducted by Asha madam, where she started off by listing out the best quality each individual felt he / she possesses. She then stressed upon the importance of communication skills and more importantly communicating in the right manner, where along with being a good speaker, being an attentive listener is equally significant. To demonstrate this, she conducted two exercises. In the first exercise, she divided the members into groups of two, and gave them a word which needed to be described using another word in its place. For example, the word needed to be described was parents, and during the conversation the word parents had to be replaced with sunflowers. In the next exercise, using the same groups, she gave them a word which had no dictionary meaning and asked one member of the group to describe it to his / her partner imagining it were something. And the partner had to guess the word being described. Apart from being loads of fun, these exercises showed the members the importance of communicating in the right way, both verbally and non-verbally. Then, she moved on to demonstrating the right body postures while conversing with others. And finally gave a demonstration on table manners, which included the techniques of eating with a fork and knife, proper table etiquette’s, etc.

Next was the very invigorating Networking workshop conducted by Mr. Hari Raghvan. He started off with demonstrating through group activities the importance of building a network. He then went on to explaining the different levels for networking, and stated the various ways of creating a network. The steps are as follows,

  1. make contact
  2. make a good first impression
  3. keep the relationship very casual
  4. keep in mind the names and personal details of the contacts
  5. speak of their interests
  6. lastly, never just expect to get help from them, but at the same time be willing to offer help yourself

He then conducted a group activity, where he gave all the members a situation of being alone in an elevator with an unknown group of people, and asked the members to come up with ideas for striking up a conversation.

He wound up with the importance of social networking websites in today’s day and age, which are highly interactive and serves the purpose of networking tremendously.

To sum it up, the session was very informative, beneficial and interactive for all the members present.

Following are a few of the comments by some of the members,

“A very re-affirming session, very practical and learnt a few new things that could have value.”

“It was a very nice and informative session. Learnt different ways to socialize with people. It was creative and different ideas developed.”

“It was a nice and informative session. Networking is always useful and a circle of influence that you have helps you to grow personally and professionally.”

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