Web Series Entrepreneurial Idea Award 2019

Welcome and watch web series of our Entrepreneurial Idea Award 2019 here. Our vision through this web series is to uncover the information shared within a classroom with everyone out there and enable job creators rather than job seekers. Here you will get to see how our 2019 training sessions were conducted. Watch couple of sessions directly from the classroom. Also get the feel of the final award day happenings.

We have tried to make our videos inclusive for persons with visual impairment and hard to hear . Kindly share your feedback in the comments section. Also like, share and subscribe our channel for more such informative videos.


We’re all set to host our Entrepreneurial Idea Awards (EIA) for the year 2020-21. The excitement, bustle, work, our participants, their ideas and our volunteers, remind us only of our two successful EIAs organized in the year 2016 and 2019. So we thought why not to go down that memory lane and share our experience with everyone!

Sunil Patodia | Session 1 | Various Avenues Of Raising Finance For a Start- up

Raising Finance is a very critical step for every business. But have you ever thought about how actually a business can raise funds for itself?, what are the different ways of raising funds? If yes, then you’re absolutely at the right place. Watch our new youtube video for knowing the various avenues of raising finance for a start-up.

Sunil Patodia | Session 2 | Debt Finance & Schemes for PWDs

C.A. Sunil Patodia-Founder of one of India’s leading CA firms, S.K Patodia and Associates and a past district governor of lions club international district 3231 A3 is a part of The Voice Vision – Entrepreneurial Idea Award along with CA Pallav Patodia explains Debt Finance which includes Banks, NBFC, NHFDC & Micro Financing Schemes to help Persons with Disability to generate Income, Loan for Education, Training and financing for Young Professionals.

Sunil Patodia | Session 3 | Process to Apply for a Loan from NHFDC

C.A. Sunil Patodia-Founder of one of India’s leading CA firms, S.K Patodia and Associates and a past district governor of lions club international district 3231 A3 is a part of The Voice Vision- Entrepreneurial Idea Award who mentored participants in the Process to apply for a Loan from NHFDC. Various Questions like Investors Risk, Past Success Stories and Practical Implementation with Business Plan is clearly presented in the Session.

Anshul Dave Session 1| Evaluation of Business Ideas

Anshul Dave – CEO at Oceans Bridge Financial Advisory LLP, Chartered Accountant, Angel Investor and a Guest Lecturer at IITs, IIMs and various B-schools is a part of The Voice Vision- Entrepreneurial Idea Award who mentored participants regarding evaluation of their business ideas. In this video, he discusses the taxation, government schemes and investments involved in start-ups. He then talks about the scalability and viability of business ideas.

Anshul Dave Session 2 | Challenges of Acquiring the Market in India

Anshul Dave – CEO at Oceans Bridge Financial Advisory LLP, Chartered Accountant, Angel Investor and a Guest Lecturer at IITs, IIMs and various B-schools is a part of The Voice Vision- Entrepreneurial Idea Award who mentored participants regarding evaluation of their business ideas. In this video, he discusses the challenges of acquiring the market in India.

Rohit Onkar Session on Business Idea and scalability.

He is Professor at SIMSR, Experienced digital marketing professional, business leader who helps businesses scale using the digitalpower is a part of The Voice Vision- Entrepreneurial Idea Award who mentoredparticipants regarding scaling of their business. In this video, he talks the start-ups selling their story along with their business idea and scalability.

Terry Torok Session 1| Importance of Content while pitching a Business Idea.

Terry Torok – Chief Innovation Officer, Enactus & Founding Board Member of Lalela Project is a part of The Voice Vision- Entrepreneurial Idea Award who had a hands-on workshop on designing a pitch for the Entrepreneur’s Ideas. In this video, he talks about the importance content and context while pitching a business idea. Along with that he talks about making your habits into your qualities.

Terry Torok Session 2 | Four Pillars for a Good Business Pitch

Terry Torok – Chief Innovation Officer, Enactus & Founding Board Member of Lalela Project is a part of The Voice Vision- Entrepreneurial Idea Award who had a hands-on workshop on designing a pitch for the Entrepreneur’s Ideas. In this video, he talks about the gaining and maintaining power in a pitch. He goes on to mention the 4 pillars to a good pitch.

Terry Session 3 | Buisness Idea for all Humanity

Terry Torok – Chief Innovation Officer, Enactus & Founding Board Member of Lalela Project is a part of The Voice Vision- Entrepreneurial Idea Award who had a hands-on workshop on designing a pitch for the Entrepreneur’s Ideas. In this video, he talks about business ideas for all of humanity and other ideas which are for a small section and how to adapt and make it for all of humanity.


Reminiscing the last day of the Entrepreneurial Idea Awards 2019, the event came to a successful end with the top 3 ideas winning amazing prizes. The mentors expressed their awe towards the amazing entrepreneurial ideas that they witnessed from such gifted entrepreneurs. It truly was a learning experience not only for the participants but also for the mentors and volunteers.

Entrepreneurial Idea Award 2020-21

Wish to start your own business?


Want to know how to start a business?


Have a business  idea, but wonder what to do?


Here’s an opportunity just for you!


Read the below steps and apply now!

Voice Vision’s “Entrepreneurial Idea Award 2020-21”. And bring your dream to life.


Important Dates

  • Registration opens – 1st December 2020
  • Registration closes – 15th December 2020 post 6 pm.
  • Team Mapping – 16, 17th December
  • mentorship – 18th December onwards for 7 to 15 days
  • Award Day – 22ndJanuary 2021.


Eligibility Criteria

Individuals or groups applying for Entrepreneurial Idea Award – should fulfill the following criteria.

  1. Individual or group applicants should be person with any type of disability (physical, sensory or any other disability) 18 years or above.
  2. Have a business idea or have a prototype ready for their idea or wish to scale their existing business.
  3. The business idea should be solely an individual’s or group’s idea.
  4. Applicant should have conducted some research or gathered knowledge on their idea and have thought of various ways to make it sustainable.
  5. Applicant should have 2 references, who can vouch for his / her capabilities.
  6. Individuals possessing any specific qualifications or training relating to the business idea will be preferred. However, applications from individuals without any academic qualifications are welcome too.


Application Process

Interested individuals or groups fulfilling the eligibility criteria mentioned above need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Individual or group having one of their members with any type of disability needs to carefully fill the application form below.
  2. Send the below-mentioned documents either by WhatsApp on 9820566010 or email to contact@voicevision.in latest by 15th December 2020, before 6 PM.
  3. List of Documents to be attached.
  1. Photo
  2. Disability Certificate.
  3. Permanent residence address proof.
  4. Compulsorily references are required from 2 individuals with their contact details, known to the applicant.
  5. Qualification proof if any.


*NOTE: All files should be labeled properly in the format {Applicants name_Document name}  Eg: Aditya shah_disability certificate, Aditya shah_photo etc.

*NOTE: Email subject line should be in the format {Entrepreneurial Idea Award 2020 – 21_Applicants name}

*NOTE: After completion, call at 022-40400000 to confirm your application for Entrepreneurial Idea Award 2019.


Selection Process

The selection process of the awardees will comprise of three rounds.

  1. Receiving, sorting the eligible applications.
  2. Eligible applicants will be teamed with Students from Jai Hind College Together they will prepare a factual, (feasible) executable business model.
  3. On the award day, each team will present their idea along with the business model. Final awardees will be selected and awarded on this day.


Number Of Awardees. 

Three participants will be awarded, one being a woman participant. In the absence of woman participant, another eligible participant will be considered.


Award Comprises Of

  1. Knowledge of designing an executable business model.
  2. Mentorship.
  3. Cash prize or seed funding.



  • Individuals residing outside Mumbai, wish to participate in this award may apply, as this entire event will be conducted online. Voice Vision and its all associates will not be liable for any kind of accommodation or lodging & boarding facilities.
  • All applications along with relevant documents should reach us by 15th December 2020 before 6 PM.
  • Final decision will be made solely by the selection committee after scrutinizing the documents submitted, presentations made and no further correspondence would be entertained.
  • only application forms and documents that reach us before the specified deadline (15th December 2020) will be considered.
  • Just Applying does not guarantee participation for the award.

Contact Us

For any further queries please feel free to contact us on 022 40400000 or 9820566010 or email us on contact@voicevision.in

Call from Monday to Saturday between 12 pm to 5 pm ONLY.


All the best !




    Web Series on Safe Cooking

    Is it compulsory that to cook one should look?

    To clarify this misconception voice vision have initiated the online series of videos of tips and tricks on easy and safe cooking, kitchen orientation  for people with visual impairment.


    Promo of the series.


    Here’s the introduction video of the series


    Watch below phase 1 videos of the series

    First Episode of Safe Cooking Series Phase 1

    In this we have covered few tips & tricks of self-safety while cooking


    Second Episode Name: 3P’s of Kitchen

    In the previous video we saw safe cooking tips. in this video we will learn about the 3p’s of kitchen. Preparations and Placement of kitchen and Peeling techniques.


    Third Episode Name: Kitchen Hygiene

    In the previous video we learned the 3p’s of kitchen and identification of its elements. In this video we will learn about how to maintain hygiene in kitchen.


    Fourth Episode Name: Kitchen Preparations before Cooking

    In the previous video we learned about the kitchen hygiene. In this video we will learn about the preparations to be done while cooking and chopping for persons with visual impairment.


    Watch phase 2 video of the series Named Practical Cooking

    Content: Previous four videos revealed various tips and tricks of kitchen orientation, pealing, chopping, preparations and more. In this we deal with practical cooking along with its tips and tricks.


    Watch the entire series here.


    Do like, share, subscribe and post your questions or comments.

    Also share any other interesting topic you wish us to cover here. #VoiceVision #SafeCooking #DisabilityAwareness #VisuallyImpaired #Inclusion


    Media Coverage

    Read an article on Newzhook  and Eyeway


    Looking Ahead Training at Big Bazaar

    On 4th & 5th December 2018 Voice Vision, Mumbai organized a unique workshop “Looking Ahead Training at Big Bazaar”. Voice Vision along with Big Bazaar and NAB Delhi organized this  unique workshop for the visually impaired on the occasion of World Disability Day in Mumbai at Thane West.

    Under the initiative named Looking Ahead, which also provides accessible shopping experience to the disabled, these workshops were organized in selected 13 Big Bazaar stores simultaneously across 7 cities in the country.

    While you may take the experience to shopping to be exciting, this is not same for person with visual impairment. They can’t glance over the counter and pickup something that attracts the eyes. Neither can they just stroll in a shopping center or mall and take in all the beautifully displayed windows, but this was made possible even for persons with visual impairment by Big Bazaar’s initiative named Looking Ahead on World Disability Day.

    We organized three unique workshops with Big Bazaar and NAB Delhi as part of this initiative.

    The first was titled “Eye for Fashion”. Participants got to touch, feel, learn and admire different styles and types of attire such as palazzo, short or long kurta, multi layered dress or frock style kurta etc. They Learnt about various types of festive pants, studded denim, ripped off denim, or low waist skinny fit denim enhanced their understanding of elements of fashion.They got to learn the difference between casual, formal, party wear, etc.

    Volunteers enthusiastically explained various combinations of clothing, matching colour, tips on matching appropriate jewellery and footwear to each participant.

    The experience of touching and understanding different types of ear rings, neck piece, bracelets and footwears was well appreciated.

    Post this, We held the “You Look Beautiful” beauty workshop. Here, participants got to learn about cosmetics and body care. They were made aware about different types of hair shampoo & conditioners, hair oils, body lotions, creams etc. They learnt to be aware about their own hair, skin type and ways to take care of themselves along with tips to consider while shopping appropriately. Mobile apps like “eye d”, “Seeing AI” were demonstrated to read the bottle labels, identify colours as part of the workshop.

    Participants got hands-on in applying kajal and lipstick & practiced techniques for the same. During this they learnt about various types of lipsticks, tips on choosing appropriate shade for themselves. Each of them got their choice lipstick as a gift from Big Bazaar.

    On the next day, we held the “Cooking with Looking” workshop. This was flagged off with learning about various sections in a kitchen, safety, hygiene, importance and methods of being organised for the visually impaired.

    Various electronic kitchen appliances were demonstrated. Each participant got an opportunity to touch, feel and get oriented to appliances like rice cooker, multipurpose kettle, induction cooktop with appropriate utensil, sandwich maker and most appreciated product chopper.

    Big Bazaar team introduced and gifted each participant a running “Tether”. A band used by visually impaired runners in Paralympics or marathons. Volunteers teamed up with participants and demonstrated usage of Tether. Learning about it added new avenues to each participants excitement.

    Big Bazaar created an independent, dignified, inclusive, sensitized atmosphere enabling visually impaired to shop alone.


    First Aider Training for Across Disability

    Its a group photo with Chief Guest, Doctors, College Principal, Teachers, Voice Vision Founder, Doctors from LifeSupporters and participants along with volunteers are standing.

    Voice Vision in association with the Lifesupporters Institute of health sciences, organized one of its kind workshop on first-aid and self safety specially designed for the people across disabilities on Sunday, June 10, 2018 at Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College, Malad (W). This kind of a workshop has been conducted for the first time in India for the benefit of persons with disabilities.

    The aim of this training was to eradicate the common perception of “People with Disabilities cannot be of help to the society by large, as they themselves require assistance on different fronts especially self-safety.”

    Titled ‘The First-Aiders Training for Disabled’ was a great success. The event began by welcoming everyone with an auspicious Inauguration ceremony by lighting the lamp and continued till breakfast. The training workshop commenced at 9:45 am and went on till 5:30 pm, being a day long workshop with an equal mixture of theoretical explanations and practical demonstrations. It gave the people with disabilities an overview of what should or should not be done in various situations such as epilepsy, fainting, dehydration, breathing problems, bleeding, applying bandage, fractures, burns, snake bites, cardiac attacks, etc alongside hands-on experience of preventing bleeding, applying bandage, CPR and allied.

    In order to make this training more effective, the trainers and volunteers were subjected to a small sensitization workshop conducted by the members of Voice Vision, a week prior to this event, which equipped the trainers and volunteers to get familiarized with the basic ways and techniques to address people with varying disabilities. The Lifesupporters’ team of trainers and volunteers made special modifications to accommodate practical demonstration wherever necessary for optimum understanding of the techniques by disabled. They also focused on providing attention to every participant, thereby making their experience of learning more value-driven.

    This training program granted a sense of empowerment and self-efficiency to people with a great diversity in disabilities. This was done with a vision to create an inclusive platform by bringing different disabled people together and creating an opportunity for them to experience the efficiency and wide range of possibilities in handling same situations.

    All participants, volunteers and doctors found this workshop to be completely educational and resourceful. This event captivated 90% of the participants and it also proved to be successful in generating self-efficiency among them. Doctors’ interaction, method of imparting knowledge through practical demonstrations appealed 89% of the participants. 80% of participants were totally satisfied with the help provided by the volunteers. This workshop, as a result, gathered positive remarks from all those who were present.



    Matrimonial Get-together 2018

    Press Release Matrimonial Get-together 2018

     Believing in the concept “Match the capabilities, rather than matching disabilities”, we organized our 6th across disability matrimonial get-together on 25th February 2018 at Golden Leaf Banquet hall, Malad west, Mumbai. One hundred and sixty one prospects, ninety six mensixty five women and their parents / escorts attended the get-together 

    Participants got themselves registered from 10:00 am onwards. All of them were greeted by sumptuous breakfast sponsored by Golden Leaf.   

    Sushmeetha B. Bubna (Founder, Director – Voice Vision) commenced the day by welcoming all. She shared the schedule for the day along with few points to be considered while selecting their life partner which included values to consider, likes or dislikes of the other person and explaining that nothing happens in a single day, giving time to each other is important and that everyone has accepted their disability and overcome it 

    Mr. Rajit Mehra (Advisory Board Member) & Mrs. Spandana Mehta (Volunteer) then introduced each of the prospects one by one which made them comfortable. Saraf College Rotaractors and SNDT special educators helped participants to note down candidates names, whom they were interested to meet & interact; while the parents / escorts noted their own choices.  

    Narendra and Tapasya (visually impaired) were present as the role couple for the event. They met each other at our get-together held on 25th February 2017. They consider this as the best moment of their lives.  

    It was then time for the stirring part of the get-together. Each table had to share either advantages or disadvantages on situation posed to them. Each one on the table had to contribute including participants, parents, escorts, special educators. Three situations discussing its pros & cons made everyone think. Outcomes on both sides of each situation were then shared with the entire audience. It was concluded that no situation is perfect, disability is in one’s mind and adjustments and adaptability can make things simpler. It also opened new horizons of approaching other disability and hope to find a suitable match. 

    Subsequently came the most essential element of the event, interaction between the candidates over a lavish lunch. Most of the candidates got to meet with prospects of their interest. They had a comfortable chat and gained knowledge about each other. Many participants liked each other and were happy to take this connect ahead for further discussions.  

    Rotaractors from Saraf College enabled smooth registrations and made the interaction for participants possible.  

    The get-together concluded with felicitation of the venue & food sponsors, Rotaract Club of Saraf CollegeSilver Innings, Trinayani, JAMMs, Lions International District 3231/A3, SNDT Women’s University & volunteers. Followed by vote of thanks by Rtr Bhagyashree Tanwar & Rtr Akshita Jain. 

    Our event expenses were sponsored by Lions Club International District 3231/A3 and all the newspaper advertisements were generously sponsored by District Governor Lion Mr. Sunil Patodia. 

    We thank all the hundred and sixty-one prospects (comprising of visual, speech, hearing, polio, limb or other impairment) and their families who joined us from across the country, such as AhemdabadBangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, IndoreRatnagiri, other parts of Gujarat & Maharashtra for believing in the platform facilitated by us. 

    We also thank Mr. Arpit Thakkar –  Director Golden Leaf Banquet Hall for sponsoring the venue. Special thank you to Mr. Amit Sharma – Manager Golden Leaf for his generous support & coordination. 

    50 Rotaract Clubs across India have worked jointly to make it a Mega Joint Project in the Golden Jubilee Year of Rotaract Movement.   

    Special thanks to Mr. Sunil Patodia, District Governor Lions International 3231/A3, all the volunteers, Rotaractors from Rotaract Club of Saraf College and 50 other clubs of RID 3141 & volunteers of NMIMS College, Silver Innings, JAMM’s, SNDT Women’s University, Trinayani, Ascent Networks Pvt. Ltd. To support the idea & set it rolling. 

    Special gratitude to Media for enabling us to create awareness & widen our reach. 

    Matrimonial Get-together 2017

    Across Disability Matrimonial Meet – 2017

    Taking the legacy ahead and believing in the concept “Match the capabilities, rather than matching disabilities” Voice Vision organized their 5th across disability matrimonial get-together on 25th February 2017 at Golden Leaf Banquet hall, Malad west, Mumbai.  

    Participants got their attendance recorded from 10:30 am onwards. All of them were greeted with sumptuous breakfast sponsored by Golden Leaf.   

    Sushmeetha B. Bubna (Founder Director – Voice Vision) commenced the day by welcoming all. She shared the schedule for the day along with few points to be considered while selecting their life partner which included values to consider, likes or dislikes of the other person and explaining that nothing happens in a single day, giving time to each other is important and that everyone has accepted their disability and can overcome it. Special mention to parents was to think inclusive and look towards capabilities of their own child and for others’ child too thereby increasing their acceptance.  

    Mr. Rajit Mehra (Advisory Board Member) & Mrs. Spandana Mehta (Volunteer) then introduced each of the prospects one by one which made them comfortable. NMIMS with Silver Innings volunteers and Saraf College Rotractors helped participants to note down candidate’s names, whom they were interested to meet & interact; while the parents/escorts noted their own choices from the pre-printed data of men and women participants.  

    It was then time for the stirring part of the get-together. Each table had to share either advantages or disadvantages on a situation posed to them. Each one on the table had to contribute including participants, parents, escorts. Three situations discussing its pros & cons made everyone think. Outcomes on both sides of each situation were then shared with the entire audience. It was concluded that no situation is perfect, disability is in one’s mind and adjustments and adaptability can make things simpler. It also opened new horizons of approaching other disabilities and a hope to find a suitable match.   

    Kiran Warankar (Low vision) with his wife Nirmala were present as the role couple for the event. Kiran shared his experience of attending past event of Voice Vision and how the sensitization activity changed his mind-set. As before attending the event he and his family were keenly looking for a sighted or non-disabled life partner for him. But post attending the event and thinking on various situations and its advantages and disadvantages, he decided to marry a visually impaired woman.  

    He also shared how his new thought process was against his parents’ wishes initially and how he went about convincing his parents for accepting his wife in the family in which he eventually succeeded. The newly-wed couple made the moment extremely light, romantic and inspiring for the participants, their parents and escorts.  

    Subsequently came the most essential element of the event; interaction between the candidates over a lavish lunch. Most of the candidates got to meet with prospects of their interest. They had a comfortable chat and gained knowledge about each other. Many participants liked each other and were happy to take this connect ahead for further discussions. Mr. Shailesh Mishra from Silver Inning added to participants comfort by discussing lighter common interest likes and dislikes.  

    Special post event support was extended by Ms. Bubna by offering counselling facility to participants while approaching their likes, counselling their parents and understanding the needs and importance of infrastructural changes.   

    Saraf Rotractors along with NMIMS College, Silver Inning, and other individual volunteers enabled smooth registrations and made the interaction for participants possible.  

    The get-together concluded with felicitation of the venue & food sponsors Golden Leaf Banquet Hall, Saraf rotractors, Silver Innings and  NMIMS volunteers, along with other associates such as Radio Udaan, JAMM’s . A vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Sushmeetha, Founder Director of Voice Vision.

    The event saw registrations from 122 candidates (68 men and 54 women) out of which 100 candidates attended the event, an increase of 25% from last year.  

    14% of candidates residing outside Maharashtra had attended the event from places like Delhi, Jaipur, Gujarat and Bangalore.

    75% of the candidates were either Graduates or Post Graduates pursuing lucrative jobs.

    The event saw participation from people from varied disabilities – 43% were visually impaired, 29% were orthopedically disabled, 12% were hearing impaired and 16% had other disabilities.

    When asked whether the event changed their views/expectations about their life partner after attending the program, with regards to considering partners from varied backgrounds/disabilities, a sample of 100 event attendees rated their experience a 4 on a scale of 1 to 5. Where 1 was the least and 5 was the highest rating.  

    When asked about the various activities planned at the event, ranging from sensitization activity to the Role Couple discussion, a sample of 100 event attendees rated their experience a 4.3 on a scale of 1 to 5.

    When asked about the various event arrangements, ranging from Venue to the Hospitality of volunteers, a sample of 100 event attendees rated their experience an incredible 4.7 on a scale of 1 to 5. This was possible due to the sensitizing workshop conducted by Sushmeetha Maam prior to the event for all the volunteers.

    Almost all 100 candidates introduced themselves in front of the entire crowd of 250 attendees, reinforcing their confidence.

    70% of the attendees felt that their expectations were completely fulfilled. 25% felt that their expectations were somewhat fulfilled and a few attendees felt that their expectations were unfulfilled.

    Majority of the candidates felt that this platform was not only a matrimonial meet, but also a place where traditional thinking is challenged, new friends are formed and confidence of the candidates is enhanced.

    When asked whether Voice Vision should continue holding this event in the future, 100% of the attendees responded with a resounding yes.

    The event garnered a social media reach to over 2 lakh people, due to an extensive social media outreach program, with the help of Ketto and Thunderclap.  

    The pre-event registrations were improved to such an extent that only 6 candidates were registered as on the spot candidates, allowing complete matrimonial data of all candidates to be properly collated and disseminated among all event attendees.

    Improvement areas:

    Candidates felt that:

    1. More role couples should be present to gain new perspectives
    1. Increase the number of participation
    1. Spread the event across 2-3 days
    1. Increase the reach of the event by advertising more prominently and keeping it in different states also.  


    Indian Express  




    Live by Radio Udaan, internet radio channel for disabled.  

    Success / Impact story of Kiran and Nirmala    



    Career Counselling Workshop

    VoiceVision organized a workshop on Career Counselling on 28th June 2015 at SIES College with an aim to make the youth of today better equipped for making career related decisions. The workshop was attended by 45 people from all walks of life, students, employed and selfemployed individuals as well as teachers/special educators for visually impaired. The workshops were conducted in partnership with National Association for the Blind (NAB) Delhi which has been a pioneer in the spread of Assistive Technology for the blind and Centre for Internet & Society (CIS) Bengaluru.

    The event was conducted by the CEO of the National Association for the Blind (NAB) Delhi, Dr. Homiyar Mobedji, with the association with Center of Information & Security (CIS), Bangalore being a sponsor of the workshop. He was accompanied by Mr. Hanumanta Talar, Bookshare Coordinator (Maharashtra). The workshop started with Mr. Homiyar explaining the meaning of the words ‘Career’ and ‘Knowledge’ to the audience in an engrossing way. He explained the difference between a Job and a Career, why career was an important factor for growth and the different factors affecting ones career. He also talked about identifying one’s weaknesses and converting them to strength.
    According to him, the most important factor that helps in gaining knowledge is by reading, which the visually impaired lag behind in because of lack of material customized to their needs. So he talked about the sources for gaining knowledge, the importance of reading and the devices on which we can access materials. This was followed by a presentation on BookShare, an online library of books customized for reading for the visually impaired by Mr. Hanumanta. He talked about the details of the library and how it can be accessed by one and all. He also talked about an Android application named ‘Amazing’ which supports BookShare. The database may be accessed free of cost on provision of the Disability Certificate. This was greatly appreciated by the audience.

    Post-lunch, a session on communication skills was carried out. It saw innovative techniques to help the audience realize the importance of good communication skills. Three role plays were conducted in which three volunteers were called from the audience and made to perform a specific communication driven task. After the role play, they were told the things that were missing in their act. The role play was then conducted again which helped them realize their shortcomings.
    In conclusion for the day, the audience were encouraged to learn more about the career they wanted to take. They were advised to put their thinking caps on while choosing a career and make their background knowledge strong.

    A vote of thanks was given by Ms. Sushmeetha, the Founder Director of VoiceVision.

    Learnings from the workshop
    According to 40% of the respondents, the learnings from the workshop will help them in their long term growth as a person. The workshop, according to them, would help them gain knowledge to chart their career paths, to help them set goals and to give them guidance to make better decisions.
    27% of the respondents felt that the workshop would make them better equipped for interviews and 9% said it would help them in communicating their ideas in a better way. Confidence-building was the most important learning for 13% of the respondents whereas 4% each felt it would help them to take better notes and find suitable jobs respectively.




    Children’s Day Special “First Aiders Training”

    Children’s Day Special “First Aiders Training”


    First-aid techniques have helped save hundreds of lives. Rather than wait impotently for help, first-aid training helps individuals tackle medical issues of their own or of others immediately, providing relief to the affected till help arrives. Most people would be surprised to learn that the blind can also be adept at first-aid. What they need is training. To address this need, on the event of Childrens Day, Voice Vision, along with the Life Supporters and National Association for the Blind education department organized a First Aid Training for the visually impaired kids on November 16, 2013 at NAB Andheri Center. “The First-Aiders: Helping Yourself & Others” was a day-long workshop with an equal mixture of theoretical explanations and practical demonstrations by Life Supporters Institute Of Health Sciences (a recognized International training center of the American Heart Association). The training began with revealing importance of distinguishing between accidental problems & problems due to various disease. Meaning of first aid, steps to be carried out prior to delivering first aid & gave the visually impaired people an overview on techniques like preventing bleeding, applying bandage, taking care of fractures and a lot more! Over 12 children ranging from ages 13 to 23 years and more than 8 parents participated in the event. The training helped them gain confidence in their abilities to tackle emergency medical situations. This training help in eradicating the common perception of “visually impaired cannot be of help to the society by large, as they themselves require assistance on different fronts especially self safety.” We would like to thank the Doctors from Life Supporters for their wonderful & descriptive training. Special thanks for the education department of National Association for the Blind, for believing in us & giving us an opportunity to interact with the integrated school kids.

    NSS Volunteers from Mithibhai College, volunteers from Ascent Networks Pvt. Ltd. And Mr. Shrinath V. (Advisory Team Member) Deserve a exceptional gratitude for their contribution to help this event get executed and expressed. Last but not the least would thank all the 12 kids & their parents for participating in the training & making it possible, who came from far off places.



    Sexuality & Intimacy Seminar

    Voice Vision organized a day-long session on orientation of the human body, sexuality and intimate relationships for the visually impaired, at the Hiranandani college of Nursing (HICON) Powai, Mumbai last Sunday 26th August 2012. The session was conducted by a team of experienced Gynecologists, psychologists, Doctors involved in public health, and women and disability rights activist. The overall event stretched across from 9 AM to 6:30 PM inclusive of lunch breaks and refreshment timeouts. A brief overview of the event alongside the individual sub-topics which were covered is given below. The first session focused on “Knowing one’s body” conducted in separate rooms for men & women which dealt with the Understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. In the men’s room the session was driven by Dr. Mukesh Gupta (practicing gynecologist) along with Dr. Percy Bharucha (from Lifesupporters Institute of Health Sciences) & Dr. Gunjan Gadodia, who helped with practical understanding of the female anatomy through touch & feel on the female life-size Anatomical model. In the women’s room the session was conducted by Dr. Anita Soni (practicing gynecologist, Hiranandani Hospital), Dr. Evelet Sequeira (public health specialist) & Dr. Rohini Ramamurthy (Public health consultant) along with Dr. Pallavi Kamble (from Lifesupporters Institute of Health Sciences) & Dr. Neha Goyal (Dermatologist), who helped with practical understanding of the male anatomy with the help of the male life-size Anatomical model through touch & feel. Some of the key topics covered were: Reproductive system of men and women, Menstruation, Sexual intercourse, Masturbation and Pregnancy contraception and sexually transmitted infections, Menopause in case of women and men, Impotence and infertility. The session broke off for lunch after the hands on demonstration of using the condom on penis models. The session post lunch was on “sexuality and relationships”. It was divided in two parts where the first half on “Sexuality: myths and misconceptions” was covered in separate rooms for men & women by Mrs. Sarbani Bhattacharya (Counselor from Bombay Cambridge school) in the women’s room & Dr. Sameer Pawar (Public health specialist) in the men’s room. Some of the key points touched upon were: Masturbation and menstruation myths and misconceptions, Myths surrounding difference in Sexual drives in men & women, sexual needs and desires, Community myths and believes about relationships and misconceptions about homosexuality. The second half of the second session on “Relationships” was a combined session conducted by Mrs. Sarbani Bhattacharya and Ms. Nidhi Goyal (writer & disability rights activist). It was an interactive and informative discussion driven by audience participation and case studies on sexuality, sexual orientation, negotiating romantic relationships, and managing rejections and breakups. After the tea break it was time for the final session of the day “Safety and Abuse” conducted by Dr. Evelet Sequeira. This was also a combined session for men & women where there were discussions on discourse on forms of abuse and violence faced in everyday life through an open floor driven by experiences and interactive cases on child sex abuse, domestic violence, and intimate partner sexual violence. The prime motive behind staging this event was to drive home the point that there can be integrated relationships and one only needs to learn, manage and lead the same through different ways and with utmost dignity. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all the speakers of our seminar for taking out time of their busy schedules and sharing their knowledge with us. We thank all of the facilitators who helped the participants during session one to practically understand the body anatomy on the life-size models. A special thanks to Dr. Percy Bharucha & his team at Lifesupporters Institute of Health Sciences, for their ever-continuing support to Voice Vision and helping us at every step to drive our health and safety focused initiatives. We also thank Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, CEO – Dr. Hiranandani Hospital, and Ms. Chitra, Vice-Principal and caretaker of the Hicon college, for lending us their premises & the anatomical models used during the seminar, and thank Mr. Manish Joshi, Manager-marketing, who helped us with all the support infrastructure and other arrangements. A big thank you to Ms. Nidhi Goyal for initiating and driving this session end-to end without whom this session would have looked excellent only on paper. We thank our Voice Vision committee who has been working hard behind the scenes to make this seminar a success. We would like to express our gratitude to all of the volunteers including the NCC students from Bhavans College, Andheri for their prompt services on the day of the event and also thank the staff of Ascent networks who have assisted us at different levels for different activities. Last but not least, we thank all participants who attended this seminar and became a part of this unique experience, which is basic, but essential in anyone’s walk of life. We request all participants to fill up the feedback form [1] and give us your suggestions / views for all our future initiatives and knowledge sessions.