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How First-Aid training saved my life

Sometimes, the most innocuous of events have unexpected consequences. A couple of days ago, I was having my regular dosage of medicine. I didn’t think much of it: I popped a pill in as I had done hundreds of times ago. After all, how complicated can swallowing medicine get?

To my horror, I realized it can go horribly wrong. A tablet I swallowed got stuck in my windpipe. Suddenly, I was choking for life. I couldn’t breathe. I kept coughing, but the tablet was fixed tight. I couldn’t speak. All i could do was gasp.

My family members rushed to my aid, but no one knew what to do.

At that moment, I remembered what Dr. Percy Bharucha had told us during the session on First aid training at Voice Vision.

At Voice Vision, I have constantly been exploring ways to enable the visually impaired. Last year, I had arranged for a session on first aid on April 15. Dr. Percy Bharucha of the Lifesupporters with his team of 40 doctors addressed around 64 participants and taught them various first aid techniques. Little did I know that one of these very techniques – also called the Heimlich maneuver – would help me one day.

As I struggled to breathe, I took my sister-in-law’s arms around my waist, knotted it into a fist that was placed just above the stomach and below the ribs, and asked her to squeeze hard.

This made me cough out, and the tablet dislodged from my windpipe immediately. I spat it out, gasping for breath.

The first-aid knowledge saved my life. I could instruct my relatives to help me appropriately, thanks to this. This also validated my belief that training for the visually impaired can make them self-sufficient and confident to tackle challenges life throws up at them.

I thank the entire team of Dr. Percy Bharucha for the amazing First-aid training for the visually impaired, which could bring the difference.

Click Here to read more about the First Aid Training.

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