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Lets create a world where blindness is not a handicap, but a mere inconvenience

What comes to mind when you see someone blind? Someone tap-tapping with the trademark cane on the road, waiting to be helped across the street, or someone

who comes and sings in local trains and buses begging for money? Most of us respond – bechara! Life has been cruel to them.

But maybe we have never taken the time to peep into their world.

Today, technology has empowered the blind tremendously – be it using mobile phones, computers, and even social media! Their world is as rich as anyone

else – movies, friends, music, masti!

At Voice Vision, we have been enabling the blind with technology and life skills training for over 13 years.

We recently collaborated with Maam movies to create a video to help the sighted realize what the blind are capable of.

Take a look, and help us by sharing the message on social media.

-Voice Vision

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