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A match-making event for the differently-abled- Hindustan Times- By Mugdha Variyar

Date on which testimonial was published:
4 Feb 2013

Tulsi Zaveri, 27, a music teacher, wants a partner who is well-educated with a well-paying job, just like any girl her age, but the Goregaon resident has two other unique conditions – “he should be fond of classical music, and more importantly, he should be sighted.”

On Sunday, Zaveri, who is vision-impaired, was part of a matrimonial get-together for the differently-abled looking for their ideal life partners, organised by the non-profit organisation Voice Vision at a suburban venue.

The event, the first of its kind to be held by the NGO, attracted people with different conditions such as vision impairment, hearing impairment, and physical disabilities. Participants were asked to state their partner preferences and briefly describe their qualifications and hobbies.

“I am not looking for a pretty girl but someone who will help me with my disability and who comes from a joint family,” said Charles Rao, 34, who is partially blind. While 40 people had initially registered, 32 showed up on Sunday with their families to help make a decision.

“I liked a few girls for my son, but ultimately, it is his choice,” said the mother of visually-impaired Abhimanyu Rao, 30.

The event brought participants from other states and cities as well.

“The purpose was to help people with disabilities find their prospective partners, since the topic is usually a taboo and many of them feel no one will marry them,” said Sushmeetha Bubna, the founder director of Voice Vision, who is herself vision-impaired.

A newly-wed couple, both with disabilities, explained the benefits of such a match to those gathered. “Since I have impaired vision, my wife helps me find things around the house while I help her pick up stuff as she is orthopedically impaired,” said Rahul Kelapure.

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