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A ‘Vision’ To Empower Those Without Sight – The Hindu- By Amutha Kannan

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10 Jan 2013

She does not believe in giving money or food as a sign of sympathy to people with disability.
“It is a one-time deed. When you help them get knowledge and skill, you can make them earn
for a lifetime, and that is what I am doing,” says visually challenged Sushmeetha Bubna,
Founder, Voice Vision, Institution for Computer Training and Overall Development of Blind,
Visually Impaired and Low Vision. At Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham to take part in a
conference on ‘Women in Computing’, she effortlessly demonstrated how visually
challenged persons could make life easy by operating a laptop using assistive technology.
Born with cataracts in both eyes, and later losing total vision due to complications, Ms.
Bubna says assistive technologies helped regain her dignity.
With an aim to make many like her enjoy the benefits of assistive technologies, she started
the institution in 2000. There are many from the age of eight to 65 who have transformed
their lives, thanks to the training they received at her institution.While ‘Voice Vision’ is a
non-profit organisation, she is the Director of Ascent Networks Private Limited, a family-run
organisation, where she is working since 1996.
“My life became totally dark at 24 when I lost complete vision in 1999. I came to know about
assistive technology in using computers, but to my despair I could not find anyone to teach
me its use. I started learning on my own and this is what motivated me to start an institution
to help people like me,” she says.
This gritty 39-year old’s future plans include starting an inclusive school that will integrate
the normal children and those with disability, and promoting a disabled-friendly environment.
Sushmeetha Bubna started ‘Voice Vision’ in 2000, which is a non-profit organisation

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