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Blind kids ready to be life-savers – Mid Day- By Saurabh Vaktania

Date on which testimonial was published:
23 Nov 2013

AROUND 25 to 30 visually challenged children are no longer in the dark when it comes to give first aid in a medical emergency, as they are now equipped with the basic know-how while dealing with any injuries or an emergency situation.

Going by the belief that blindness is a disability and not an inability, a first-aid training programme for them by Voice Vision at the National Association for Blind’s (NAB) Andheri centre last Saturday.

The workshop covered scene assessment, safety,basic life support (CPR) and prevention of bleeding.”The blind too can help” said Sushmeetha Bubna, founder of Voice Vision.

“Knowledge of first-aid technique is very important and could save hundreds of life.Rather than waiting for help to arrive, self-knowledge helps an individual tackle the medical emergencies on their own, providing relief to the affected till the help arrives”added Bubna.

The NGO managed to rope in doctors and health experts to educate the kids.

“We invited medical experts and doctors the guide them”added Bubna. A major aspect of the training was to ensure that the participants are confident enough to tackle the situation.

“Some might say that how can a blind person see a person bleeding, but the visually-impaired have a good sense of smell. They can sniff out the injured body part and administer the first-aid” said Bubna.

The daylong workshop also saw the participants receiving theoretical explanations and practical demonstrations”.

the Voice Vision plan to conduct several such sessions, and is currently looking for donations to support their initiative.

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