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They bring vision through voice- DNA

Date on which testimonial was published:
5 Apr 2011

With an aim of bringing the visually impaired and the globe of changing technology on a single platform, Voice Vision has dedicated itself in creating an overall development of the visually impaired people in the city.

Created in 2000 as a basic computer training institute, the institution has evolved as an organisation working for the welfare of the differently challenged people and striving towards and inclusive world.

This establishment is the brain of Sushmeetha B Bubna who always thought why not we act in such a way that we make a difference to the whole world. Located at just 10 minutes walking distance from Goregaon station, on the western suburb, it stands in the belief that the world is not a place where blindness is not a handicap but just a mere inconvenience.

First it provides optimum guidance to parents through monthly sessions focusing on how to deal with the reality called Blindness. It is because, in the journey of life, the role played by the parent is indispensable. “Dealing with the truth of one’s son/daughter being visually impaired is not easy when it comes to accepting the same, and also in the subsequent stages in their respective lives”, says Bubna.

The institute’s aim is to see that visually impaired people lead a life of dignity and respect, besides making them employable by providing them computer training. For a very small fee, the Voice Vision helps the visually challenged people throughout the life.

The institution has churned out more than fifty technologically equipped students who can find themselves at esteemed positions in their respective careers. After putting them on the path of success with job placement, Voice Vision has embarked upon another initiative that gives the students a meaning to life.

Last June they launched a matrimonial section on their website which is not only finding a match within the visually impaired community, but open for the society at large. If somebody wants to read the success stories of these visually impaired children then you can log on to

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