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Voice Vision institute for blind, conducts personality development session for visually impaired- Your Story- By Preethi Chamikutty

Date on which testimonial was published:
16 May 2013

MUMBAI: Sushmeetha Bubna has always been a gusty person, full of life and energy. It doesn’t matter that her eye sight is not normal or she cannot see as much as others. Her never-say-die attitude has helped her change not just her own life but also create a difference in the lives of many visually impaired people. Sushmeetha runs a social organization, called Voice Vision to help the visually impaired. Voice Vision has in the past organized many events for knowledge sharing, organizing matrimonial meetings and to share success stories of people who are dealing with visual imparity.

Sushmeetha has made it her life’s aim to help as many people with the disability as possible. Recently the organization had organized a personality development session for the benefit of visually impaired people in Mumbai. Voice Vision was started in the year 2000 and regularly conducts different activities to enrich the lives of visually impaired. Last year the organization had conducted numerous activities like first aid training, self-defense workshop, intimacy training, getting introduced to technology and matrimonial meetings.

The personality development session conducted by motivational speaker and well-known trainer Avinash Ananta was held on the 13th anniversary of the institute’s inception. It was attended by over 40 participants, both young and old. Conducted at a college premises in Mumbai, the training was attended by participants, some of whom came all the way from Surat and Pune, besides Mumbai city. Attendees were trained on public speaking, voice modulation, introducing oneself, non-verbal training with each other and more. The session was developed specially by Indo-American Society & GAMA team of trainers.

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