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Voice Vision organises safety & first aid workshop- Blind Welfare

Date on which testimonial was published:
15 Apr 2012

On the occasion of its 12th anniversary, Voice Vision in association with Life supporters Institute of Health Sciences(LIHS)organised this one of a kind workshop on safety and first-aid, specially designed for visually challenged persons(VCPs).Held on April 15,2012,at H.K Institute of Management Studies, Jogeshwari, Mumbai, this training program titled “The First-Aiders: Helping Yourself and Others” aimed at dispelling the common belief that a VCPs cannot be of help to society as they themselves require assistance on various fronts, especially their own safety.
Through discussions and practical sessions, VCPs were trained in handling people in situations like epileptic fits, loss of consciousness, breathlessness, asthmatic attack, cardiac attack, burns and electric shocks, fractures, massive bleeding, insect/snake bites etc. Hands-on experience was offered in procedures like bandaging and splinting; making and applying tourniquet; Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and so on. They were also shown the techniques of wearing surgical gloves while tending to injuries and were provided emergency telephone numbers.
The participants-belonging to diverse age groups-represented various institutions working for the visually challenged, from different locations in Maharashtra and Gujarat, besides Voice Vision trainees.
Voice Vision is an organization working toward personal and professional growth of VCPs, by imparting training courses in computer and in use of assistive devices besides information on self-development and self-dependency. LIHS – a registered non profit-is a recognised international training medical personnel, health-care providers, paramedics, nurses, drivers and general public to provide life support emergency medical service in emergency situations.

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