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We don’t teach our children the reason to live- By Anita Bora

Date on which testimonial was published:
23 Aug 2003

My dream is that everything good should happen. Everybody should have enough to eat. There should be no corruption. But that seems like a fantasy.

I believe people are changing their attitudes nowadays because of growing awareness and the world is becoming a smaller place.

There are many things I want to do every moment. I want to help people and give back something to my country.

I would definitely like to change the criteria to become a member of Parliament. No one with a criminal record should be allowed. Kisiko bhi utha diya aur minister bana diya [You pick anyone and make him/her a minister]!

Our greatest asset is the love we Indians have for each other. If I am walking on the street, someone will come and help. The diversity of India is amazing.

In India, we don’t teach our children the reason to live. Why do you exist? God has sent you on this earth to do something and I believe it is important to realise it.

Arti Bubna taught herself computing, surfing and email and set up an institute to teach others like her.

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