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Workshop on sexuality for visually impaired- Hindustan times- By Aarefa Johari

Date on which testimonial was published:
21 Aug 2012

When Sushmeetha Bubna, founder-director of Voice Vision, a non-profit organisation working for the blind, conducted meetings with visually impaired men and women over the past four months, she discovered one key issue that was almost never addressed by activists: sexuality.

“Many visually impaired adults don’t know much about their own anatomy, that of the opposite gender, sexuality, or even of the difference between good and bad touch,” said Bubna, 39, who founded Voice Vision 12 years ago to provide computer training and guidance for education and employment to the visually impaired.

Bubna is organising a day-long workshop titled ‘Sexuality and Intimacy’ on Sunday, to create awareness among visually challenged citizens about sex and the body. The workshop, to be held at a nursing college in Powai, will be open to those above 15 years of ages. In the three sessions planned for the day, doctors, counselors and social activists will explain basic male and female anatomy using mannequins, discuss sexuality, relationships and sexual orientation and will talk about issues of safety and abuse.

“Most people with impairments have internalised social prejudices and believe romantic relationships and sexual desires are not meant for them,” said Nidhi Garima Goyal, a writer and activist who will speak at the workshop.

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