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Visually impaired handling a person at the time of heart attack!

After my final exams, I went to my bachelor uncle’s house in Chennai for few days. He’s a very fun loving person and enjoys eating. He stays alone and have little acidity and indigestion problem. One night all of a sudden, I heard some noise of difficult breathing, as I am a visually impaired, I followed the voice and found uncle is having tremendous breathing problem and was perspiring too much.
He was trying to say something through indications, because he was unable to speak, I also could not make out his facial expressions. I could not understand, whether he was having convulsions or not? I tried to give him some water to drink, but he could not take it in! I was suspecting a case of choking some food stuff. Found myself helpless to be of any help, because neither the doctor’s phone number was with me nor I was in a position to go out and call the neighbours due to the language issue and lay out of the area.
I was extremely confused and tensed,, fear of something unexpected, really made me more stressful.

Friends what should be the immediate action and correct measures to deal with these kind of situations, share your thoughts from a visually impaired person’s view. Simultaneously suggest what necessary remedies, uncle could have taken to make my job easier in giving him first aid and providing him comfort fast?

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