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Our Vision

We believe in creating a world where any disability is mere inconvenience.

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Entrepreneurial Idea Award 2019

 Dreamt to start your own business?Do you have a business idea?Wondered how to start it?Here’s an opportunity just for you!



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Entrepreneurial Idea Award 2019

 Dreamt to start your own business?Do you have a business idea?Wondered how to start it?Here’s an opportunity just for you!


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Web Series on Safe Cooking

 Is it compulsory that to cook one should look?To clarify this misconception voice vision has come


Matrimonial Get-together 2019

“Match your CAPABILITIES rather than matching your disabilities”



"Match Your Abilities Rather Than Matching Your Disabilities"

An unique online & offline matrimonial platform open to all people from across physical disabilities or without any disability, who are in search of their life partners. We provide an opportunity to come together & help them realize their dream of marriage. We Focus on matching the capabilities, rather than matching disabilities.We have successfully organized six across disability matrimonial get-together’s, where around 510 prospects non-disabled and disabled having visual, hearing, speech, mobility or limb impaired participated & interacted. Also many successful alliances were accomplished, along with many mind-set changes.

Practical Education

Financial assistance is provided to students with visual impairment pursuing graduation, an unconventional career path. Top 10 students have received the scholarship in last 6 years.

We have a Reader Writer bank which helps in making print material accessible to visually impaired either for exams, office work, or at leisure time.

Our collaboration with “Taksheel Foundation” empowers individuals to enhance their spoken English knowledge. Enabling them to find a suitable place in professional life.

Our collaboration with “Career Pathways” enables us to conduct accessible personality test & help individuals to choose their career.

Computer training is imparted using screen reading software called JAWS/ NVDA (text to speech software reads the screen aloud), ranging across basic sections on windows and Microsoft Office applications, to advanced modules on internet, emails and social networks. We also offer quick and short courses, catering to professional requirements.

More than 120 students have been trained, most of them have gone ahead to setup or resurrect their careers. For instance: HR manager at IBM, CA at Reliance, Physiotherapist etc.

Entrepreneurial IDEA Award: Professional Skill Enhancement

Unique competition have been constituted, where persons with visual impairment apply with their ideas of starting a business. They are then enabled, empowered and supported to prepare a business plan. Three Awardees receive cash prize, seed capital and mentorship opportunity to bring their idea to life.

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