We at Voice Vision believe that the world is a place where any disability is a mere inconvenience.


Voice Vision’s mission is to empower people who are visually impaired through integrated programs that help them to attain dignity, become independent and build a more inclusive world for themselves. Voice Vision stands for the values of Independence, Inclusion, and Dignity. Keeping these values in mind Voice Vision aims at

Our Target Group

We cater to all individuals with visual impairment including both – the ones who have low vision as well as those who are completely blind. We also bring difference in lives of persons with different disabilities like hearing, speech impairment, polio, physically disabled, orthopedically disabled, limb impaired, mobility impaired and more. Currently we are operating within Mumbai and are catering to individuals across India. However, we are looking forward to expand geographically and increase our outreach to every small city and town within India.

Our Story – Our Approach

With an aim of bringing the visually impaired on a single platform with that of changing technology an institute called Voice Vision was formed in April 2000 as a project of the Basudeo Bubna Memorial Trust. This establishment is a product of Ms Sushmeetha B. Bubna’s vision and years of her wishful thinking which was driven by her simple principle of “Why not act, when you know you can make a difference”. “Technology is changing, and so should we”, was the motto behind driving a change in the outlook of the society towards the visually impaired. In this era where hardware support and software assistance are the head runners of innovation, screen reading software’s like JAWS developed by a US based company called Freedom Scientific inc, NVDA an open source software and many more have come to the rescue of the visually impaired, making him/her feel Independent, Empowered and Self-sufficient. With this vision, today, even while marching towards completion of two decade of its existence, Voice Vision is continuing to provide vision, not only to the visually impaired by imparting lessons on technological accessibility and persons with other disabilities by inclusive environment, but also to the sighted or non-disabled , by giving them an eye to witness the change, and thereby garnering an increasing acceptance in today’s society. With the chief motive of imparting computer training through various screen reading software’s , Voice Vision has come a long way, in shaping the future of more than 120 of its students and empowering more than 2,000 individuals via various Knowledge Sessions. And this being just the beginning, Voice Vision is continuing to do so with an increased rigor every time. To stand testimony to this statement, Voice Vision is giving a holistic touch to its efforts by introducing courses on

Practical Education

Comprising of Computer training, Personality test, English training, Reader Writer, Scholarship and more.

Professional Skill Enhancement

Professional Skill Enhancement through its unique Entrepreneurial Idea Award program.

Life Skill

Life Skill comprising of Knowledge Sessions,Matrimonial Platform, Parent Support Group and more. “No person with disability will stand the test of tide, but will be empowered to swim across in the pool of self-confidence and achievements.


With this determination, “Voice Vision has, is, and will always remain a path to knowledge, success, and inspiration to achieve one’s goals in life.”

Our Founder

Ms. Sushmeetha B. Bubna She manages the NGO alongside contributing to her family business. She has faced & over come various educational, social, personal & professional struggles right from her early childhood, resulting in her becoming a positive, vivacious & enthusiastic woman inspiring not only persons with disability but also enthusing the non-disabled world. To know more about her journey, check out Her Inspiring Story

Legal Status

Basudeo Bubna Memorial Trust is registered under Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950 and Voice Vision is its project.

Our Trustees

Late. Shri Bishwambhar Dayal Bubna Director at Ascent Networks Pvt. Ltd. Also a great social worker and a great inspirational person Mrs.Lalita Bubna An excellent Home Maker. A symbol of patience & calmness. Mr.Ajaykumar B. Bubna Director at Ascent Networks Pvt. Ltd. Ms. Sushmeetha B. Bubna Founder Director of Voice Vision, CEO at Ascent Networks Pvt. Ltd.

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