Although technology has reduced the dependency of the sight disabled to a large extent, hand-written information and some kind of print material still remains inaccessible to the visually impaired. That’s where a reader/writer comes in.

A reader/writer is a one who assists a visually impaired person in reading/writing documents. They provide help in various ways such as filing documents, reading newspapers & other print material of Importance. Further, a reader/writer also assist students in preparing for their exams by reading their study material, and during examinations, read question papers, and write the answers dictated.

Volunteering, to become a reader/writer, requires you to have a sound command over the flow, accent, and speed of the required language which would primarily be ‘English’. It is required, as the only source of ‘knowledge inflow’ for a visually impaired is through the efforts put in by you, which would reflect in their performance. It would be essential to be a little flexible and maintain a high degree of understanding, as precise coordination is the soul mantra for making this relation between a ‘student’ and a ‘reader/writer’ work.

Let’s begin a revolution with this all new campaign!

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