Faiyda is a unique social entrepreneurship concept brought by Voice Vision. An NGO who have carved a niche in the disability sector through its 20 years of journey by its innovative and out of the box projects.


Enabling everyone involved from product manufacturer to consumer, attain dignity and financial independence.


Our mission is creating a dignified, inclusive world as a marketing catalyst and enabling persons with disability focus on their talent of manufacturing products. On other side purchaser gets best products at reasonable pricing, along with utmost satisfaction for ideal utilization of each rupee spent. from product manufacturer, to seller are persons with disability. Walking hand in hand towards attaining dignity and financial independence. Individuals / Corporates/ consumers get best products with utmost satisfaction for contributing towards someone’s dignity.


In our 20 years journey, we realised persons with disability have huge talent and are creating or manufacturing various products which are unique and reasonably priced. But somewhere they lack in marketing the same and hence many a times either run out of funds or quit their business. Whereas on the other side individuals, corporates, CSR projects value and weigh more for products made by persons with disability. And are often found struggling to reach to the right manufacturer. To bridge this gap Faiyda emerged as a marketplace, influencing and performing as catalyst between manufacturers and buyers. In turn creating a win win place for all.

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