Entrepreneurial Idea Award

We have constituted a unique award for enhancing entrepreneurship opportunities for persons with visual impairment. We understand that start-ups cannot operate in a vacuum and that they need mentorship and guidance to fulfil their potential. It takes a nurturing environment to enable even the sharpest business mind with his/her own unique venture to thrive and grow.

We at Voice Vision are trying to give entrepreneurial opportunities to persons with disabilities by empowering them with the necessary guidance to “see” their ideas become success stories that can inspire generations to come. At the same time, this award also contributes to opening avenues by ensuring that they not only seek employment but also get the opportunity to generate employment.

We have so many live examples, where disabled’s have achieved great heights in business too. Our founder (Ms. Sushmeetha) is one such example.

Wish to contribute?

Financial support

Corporate or individuals may support us financially. Every rupee that you contribute goes in providing best programs and services. We assure you that your contribution brings dignity, empowerment & independence in numerous lives.

Volunteering with us ​

Volunteering with us as mentors, experts or offer internship opportunity to our participants.

Watch glimpse of the event here.

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