“An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves” – Lydia Maria Child

Voice Vision welcomes everyone to contribute their skill, talent, time and experience either directly or by working from home on Weekdays/Weekends. We desire commitment and dedication from you to help us execute and implement our projects.

Few of volunteering areas available with us are:


Widening our reach is our priority. Seek support for increasing our visibility on various social media platforms.


We seek support from photographers and videographers to enable us to share our story about the impact we could bring. Through scripting, shooting, editing and creating inclusive videos about our events, workshops.


You can also support our students and members to polish their skills by allowing them to work along with you as interns in your company or your business and enable them to be employed.


Mentors /trainers can help us with their respective skill set and areas of interest and can deliver education in an interactive way.


We need individuals who can help us design and create new accessible applications.

Generate Awareness

A humble request to spread awareness amongst your family, friends and colleagues about our mission, the work we do and the way we touch lives of disabled and non- disabled individuals.

Volunteer benefits:

* An appreciation certificate.

* interns might receive nominal compensation.

* Get sensitize to the disabled world.

* Gain huge learning.

We are sure that you will encourage others to volunteer by sharing your experience that you gain with us.

Participate as a volunteer in any of our events or trainings that we undertake see yourself the difference your contribution could bring. After all, it is an individual contribution that makes a team, company, society or a civilization work.

To contribute to our causes, visit

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