Married in 2018

Married in 2018 Shubham Sharma visually impaired married to Sadhana Borhade from Ahemednagar visually impaired on 10 July 2018 at Nasik Their story reveals the importance of being a registered candidate. As Shubham attended our 2017 event and Sadhana attended our 2018 event. But both were registered and had their details printed in the respective […]

Married in 2018

Married in 2018 Jakiya Shaikh with polio married to person having no hands on 15 July 2018. She had attended two of our matrimonial get-togethers. She says while attending the events she realised and started focusing on abilities of prospects rather than focusing on their disabilities. This same thought enabled to get inspired and attracted […]

Married in 2018

Married in 2018 Sangita Sewatkar visually impaired from Nagpur attended our 2018 meet and says that the experience and information shared at the event enabled her to understand and agree to marry in May 2018. Her husband is visually impaired too and never participated our event.

Married in 2018

Married in 2018 Manda Daghe visually impaired married to Shivaji Shinde visually impaired on 22 April at Pune. They both met at the event and within couple of days agreed to marry.

Bhavesh & Jotsana Married in 2018

Bhavesh & Jotsana Married in 2018 Bhavesh Patel visually impaired married to Jyotsna Vanjiwale visually impaired on 18 April via court marriage and reception on 22 April 2018. Jyotsna has been attending our meets since couple of years, where as Bhavesh attended for the first time in 2018. They interacted at the event and post […]

Married in 2018

Married in 2018 Ajit Rathod having leg disability married to Vishakha Shinde with polio on 15 July at Thane Both Ajit and Vishakha attended our 2017 and 2018 get-together. In 2017 they both liked each other, even they and their families interacted. But for some or other reason they couldn’t finalise. When they met in […]

Entrepreneurial Idea Award ,2016 – Business Standard

MUMBAI: On 3rd April,2016,K.J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research(KJ SIMSR) had the privilege to host the first ever event of its kind, The Entrepreneurial Idea Award, a conception of Voice Vision, a well renowned NGO working to empower visually challenged individuals. The uniqueness of this award function lied in the fact that these […]

Entrepreneurial Idea Award 2016

Voice Vision constituted a unique award for enhancing entrepreneurship opportunities for persons with visual impairment. The aim behind introducing the said award was to enable persons with visual impairment to start their own business and bring about an attitude shift from seeking employment to generating employment. In addition to this it also aimed at empowering […]

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